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Dormitory style housing is available for medical and allied health students in the hospital-owned and operated apartment building, located on hospital grounds. If you are interested in Henry Ford Hospital housing please complete the student housing application form as soon as possible.


The Henry Ford Hospital (HFH) apartment building has 152 apartments. The apartment building has one and two bedroom apartments available, both with a single bath, a kitchen and a living/dining area. Two students will be assigned to a one-bedroom apartment, and three students will be assigned to a two-bedroom apartment. One-bedroom apartments are approximately 635 sq. ft. and two bedroom apartments are 875 sq. ft. Closet storage is available in the apartment.

Location and parking

The HFH apartment building is located directly behind the hospital and provides convenient access to the hospital and its facilities. Free parking is provided in a secure fenced surfaced lot surrounding the apartment building.


The apartments are partially furnished. All apartments have a twin bed, dresser, as well as, living room seating and a table and chairs. Furniture may not be removed. Carpeting and vertical blinds are also provided in all units and may not be replaced or removed.


A stove, refrigerator, microwave, and sink disposal are provided in the apartments. The tenant may use their own microwaves. Card operated laundry facilities are located on the first floor of the apartment building. Dishwashers, portable washers, dryers and other major appliances are not allowed.


All utilities, with the exception of internet and cable television service are included. Internet and cable television may be ordered through Xfinity/Comcast. All apartments have at least one telephone provided by Henry Ford Health (only local service provided). The units are air-conditioned and have individual heat control

Room assignment

Rooms are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. There is no guarantee of obtaining a specific room or roommate; however, if you wish to share with a particular student, each of you should indicate that information on the attached application. The Housing Office will honor these requests whenever possible. Due to space limitations, the apartments are available for medical and allied health (e.g. physician assistant, pharmacy, etc.) students only. Rental fees are established by HFH. A security deposit (refundable after you leave as long as there is no damage to the room), refundable key deposit and the rental fee, must be paid prior to moving into the residence, or obtaining a room key.

Additional information

  • Liability Insurance: HFH shall not be liable for damages or any personal injury or loss unless caused by the willful neglect of the hospital. HFH shall not be liable for any personal property stolen from students or guests of students. Students utilize parking space, laundry space, and recreational facilities at their own risk. The hospital advises that students secure insurance to protect themselves and their guests from loss or damage sustained on Henry Ford Health premises.
  • Linen: Students will provide their own linen, sheets, towels, bedspreads, pillows and blankets.
  • Mail and Deliveries: Students who request a mailbox will be assigned one, located in the main lobby when they register unless other arrangements have been made. Mail is placed in the box daily, except Sundays and holidays. Special delivery, insured and registered mail, telegrams and packages are received by the front desk attendants who will inform you as soon as possible that you have received such items.
    The nearest post office is located at 60 E. Milwaukee St., Detroit, 48202.
  • Exercise Room: An exercise room is open to all tenants of the apartment building. The room is available from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The room is equipped with a treadmill, stair master, rowing machine, combination weight stations and exercise cycle.
  • Noise: In consideration of your fellow tenants, be considerate of noise levels at all times, especially when requested to do so. Quiet hours have been established from midnight to 7:00 a.m. to allow your fellow tenants undisturbed time to sleep and study.
  • Residence Privileges During Vacations: If a student remains in the apartment building during a vacation, residence regulations must be observed.
  • Room Care: Students are responsible for keeping their rooms clean and orderly. Rooms should be cleaned upon vacating the apartment.
  • Security: The apartment building is protected by the Sentex Access System. This system allows a video camerato view visitors on the camera. Access to the building is restricted to authorized persons with hospital identification 24 hours per day. Entrances are locked at all times.
  • Shuttle Service: Shuttle service runs continuously from 5:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. The shuttle stops at the following places: One Ford Place, Fisher Building, and Main Entrance or M Unit Entrance of the hospital. Please call extension 916-1119 with any questions.
  • Termination/Resignation: Students are expected to vacate their room within 24 hours after submission of a letter of resignation. Students notified of academic termination have up to two (2) days to vacate room. Normal check out procedures are to be followed. If a student wishes to move out of the apartment building prior to the end of their program, please notify the Apartment Coordinator in writing as to the expected move date. However, housing fees will continue to be charged until the room key has been returned to the front desk attendants or the Apartment Coordinator and check out procedures completed.
  • Internet Access: Available in apartment building lobby and at Henry Ford Hospital, there is no access in the student apartments.

Effective November 1, 2017

Student Rate: 4 week rotation: $300/person
6 week rotation: $450/person
Security Deposit: Equal to the 4 or 6 week rotation student rotate indicated above
Key Deposit: $10 (refundable, pending return of key)
Payment: Check or money order payable to Henry Ford Hospital

Rental fee, security, and key deposits must be paid at HFH Apartments Registration upon arrival.

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