Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical Clerkship

The members of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology are happy to welcome you to your rotation in our department. We realize that our goal is not to make each of you obstetricians and gynecologists, but we do want to make this rotation a meaningful learning experience for you.

You will find an explanation of the educational requirements of the rotation. You will be expected to be present at the 7:00 A.M. meetings. In addition, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:00 A.M. there will be lectures by the faculty just for the interns and students. A schedule of these lectures is also included here. Along with that is a schedule of the Friday morning lectures for the residents which you will be expected to attend. You will be expected to attend the Journal Club meeting the first Tuesday of the month and the department Tumor Conference/Tumor Board on Tuesday following the 4th Monday of the month.

Finally, during the last week of your rotation you will have an exit interview at which time you will be given the opportunity to express your opinions having to do with the rotation. We try to use your input at this interview to make this a better rotation. In addition, we would appreciate it if you would bring to the exit interview the following:

  1. Completed Medical School Rotation Evaluation of Chief Resident and Dr. Wolf will sign
  2. Completed Credentials Manual
  3. Completed Henry Ford Wyandotte Rotation Evaluation
  4. Completed Teaching Faculty of the Year form
  5. Completed Teaching Resident of the Year form

By the conclusion of your rotation we expect that you will have learned to perform some basic procedures. We would also expect you to have acquired knowledge which will enable you to handle routine obstetrical problems and some of the more common gynecological problems.

Have a good month!

Educational Requirements

7:00am-ACOG Bulletins
First or second year residents will present information on assigned bulletins. All residents and interns are required to read the bulletin and may be asked to present the material.
8:00am-House Staff Lecture

7:00am-Book Club
Second or third year residents will prepare a quiz and present information on the assigned chapter. All residents and interns are required to read the material and take the quiz.
8:00am-House Staff Lecture
7:00am-Tumor Conference (Tuesday following 4th Monday of the month)
8:00am-Tumor Board (Tuesday following 4th Monday of the month)
6:00pm-Journal Club (lst Tuesday)

7:00am-Open Forum/Prolog Questions
Assigned residents to present on current journal article or pertinent topics.

7:00am-Chart Review
OB Clinic patients discussed with attending physicians.
8:00am-House Staff Lecture
9:00am-High Risk Obstetrics Clinic
9:00am-12:00 PM-Dr. Goyert (When residents are at MSU-See room list and dates)
12:30pm-High Risk Conference
High-risk topics, diabetic patients and OB clinic high-risk patients all discussed.

7:00am-Lecture Series
Lectures presented by assigned residents or other lecturers.


  1. Interns/students are required to attend all house staff lectures unless they are involved with an OB/GYN lecture/activity or excused by an Attending Physician/Senior Resident
  2. Each intern/student is required to present a 20 minute lecture on an assigned topic, once during the rotation. The presentation should have computer slides (i.e., PowerPoint)
  3. All intern/student lectures will be held in the OB Conference Room unless otherwise specified.

Suggested Topics to Study in Detail


Normal labor and delivery, Fetal monitoring (NST, CST, BPP), Maternal and Fetal physiology,
Preeclampsia/Eclampsia, PROM/PPROM, Gestational diabetes,
Postpartum hemorrhage, Preterm labor, Prenatal counseling/care.


Pelvic anatomy, Menstrual cycle, AUB/DUB, Amenorrhea, STD's/PID,
Normal/abnormal PAP smears, Cervical dysplasia, Surgical technique and patient management, Family planning,
Breast disease, Pelvic pain/endometriosis.

Rotation Expectations

During the course of the month's rotation we expect that you would have performed the following:

1-Episiotomy repair
3-Interpretation of NST
3-Start IV
2-History and physical exams
3-Insertion of catheter
3-Observe amniotomy
5-Pelvic examination under anesthesia
5-Assist in closure of incision
2-Pelvic examination and Pap smear
1-Wet mount examination
1-Observe a biophysical profile

If this is your second rotation on obstetrics and gynecology we would hope that you might do some of the following in addition to more of the previously listed basic procedures:

5-Vaginal examination in labor
3-Ultrasound study in triage
3-Perform amniotomy
3-Interpretation of fetal monitoring strip
3-Scrubbed assist on cesarean section
1-Scrubbed assist on hysterectomy
1-Observe colposcopy
5-Conduct prenatal examination
1-Observe amniocentesis
1-Observe endometrial biopsy

*Spend Wednesdays observing ultrasound
*Present an article at Journal Club

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