Duration: 4 weeks

Period offered: All

Distribution of student's time:
40% inpatient care
50% outpatient care
10% conferences/lectures

Enrollment/Period: 1 maximum, July - April

Prerequisites: Completion of core clerkship in Medicine

Clerkship Objectives:

  • Enhance knowledge and skills pertaining to clinical judgment.
  • Increase student involvement in conferences, journal clubs.


  • Quality of care given
  • Number of patients cared for
  • Participation and performance in conferences
  • Level of knowledge
  • Level of skills

Methods to be used in student evaluation:

  • Observation of performance by faculty
  • Observation of performance by house officers
  • Logbook entries
  • Assessment of write-ups/reports

Students participate in both inpatient and outpatient consultation with senior staff and didactic conferences and teaching rounds on inpatient floors. Students are expected to read hematology literature prior to their case presentations in hematology conferences. At the end of the rotation, students are expected to be able to interpret peripheral blood films, diagnose common anemias, leukopenia and thrombocytopenia, recognize hematologic malignancies and diagnose and treat coagulopathies.

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