The goals of the rotation:

  1. To provide an environment in which a fourth year medical student may gain knowledge of emergency medicine
  2. To provide an environment in which students under supervision may learn and perform procedures.
  3. To prepare students who are interested in pursuing careers in Emergency Medicine.
  4. To emphasize clinical teaching at the bedside by close one-on-one supervision with a senior resident or a teaching attending.

The goals for the student:

  1. To demonstrate the ability to take an accurate, focused history and physical in the acute care setting
  2. To demonstrate the ability to formulate treatment plans and manage the acutely ill patient.
  3. To demonstrate professionalism while working as part of a team in the acute care setting.
  4. The opportunity to perform emergency medicine procedures under the direct supervision of board-certified emergency medicine physicians.
  5. To demonstrate knowledge of Emergency Medicine.
  6. To demonstrate basic interpretations of imaging, lab results, and other ancillary studies
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