Obstetrics and Gynecology

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Period Offered: Must call to schedule

Enrollment/Period: 1 maximum, upon availability

Average number of patients seen each week: 3

On-Call responsibility: None

Prerequisites: Must be a 4th year medical student

Clerkship Objectives: This clerkship offers a chance to profoundly widen knowledge and understanding of women's health issues, and continue the third-year task of incorporating theoretical knowledge into clinical care. OB/GYN is an exciting specialty, requiring varied skills.

Clerkship Goals

The OB/GYN clerkship is designed to help student:

  • Gain an understanding of OB/GYN as a specialty to aid in career planning.
  • Increase skill in performing complete breast and pelvic exams, and recognizing the significance of abnormal findings.
  • Deepen understanding of common issues in women's health care, enabling students to appropriately manage, triage, and refer, regardless of future practice choice.
  • Obtain targeted OB/GYN histories.
  • Perform a routine gynecologic exam including breast exam, speculum exam, pap smear, cervical cultures and bimanual exam.
  • Identify pelvic anatomic structures during operative cases.
  • Write daily patient progress notes that include problem lists, patient assessments and management plans.
  • Write operative and postoperative notes on all patients you assist in surgery.
  • Write delivery and postpartum notes for all patients that you deliver/assist in deliver.
  • Demonstrate the ability perform a vaginal delivery on a real or simulated patient.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic gynecologic procedures.
  • Demonstrate the ability to sure and tie surgical knots.
  • Present OB/GYN patients on rounds in the format as demonstrated by residents and attending physicians
  • Grasp medical knowledge related to women's health care at least at the level required to pass licensing exams.
  • Didactics: Group sessions, case reviews, and problem-based learning with core faculty
  • Clinical experience: Hands-on experiences include patient interviewing, preceptor-observed physical diagnosis, assisting in surgery and at births, lab interpretation and office lab testing, clinical team meetings and case discussions.
  • Directed independent learning: Through general reading of the suggested text, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2nd Edition of The Comprehensive Handbook by Thomas Zheng MD.

Textbook Suggestions and Objectives:

Second Edition Comprehensive Handbook Obstetrics & Gynecology By: Thomas Zheng MD

Clerkship Administration

Students with any questions or concerns about clerkship requirements, clinical sites, or career choices and opportunities are encouraged to contact:

Robert Goldfarb MD - Clerkship Director
Phone: 248-420-1175
E-mail: Rgoldfa1@hfhs.org

Kenyatta Moore, Medical Student Coordinator Ob/Gyn
Phone: 313-916-5049
E-mail: Kmoore10@hfhs.org

Evaluation Process:

All evaluations are done through the computer application Evalue. Each student is asked to submitted five names of Attendings, Fellows, Residents, and CNM that they would want to evaluate their progress throughout their Ob/Gyn Rotation. Evalue will calculate the scores given by each evaluator which will determine their final grade along with the Directors input.

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