Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

What Is Bariatric Endoscopy?

If you have struggled with excessive weight that is affecting your health, and diet, exercise and medications have not been effective in achieving long-term weight loss, a non-surgical weight loss procedure (bariatric endoscopy) might be the right choice for you.

Henry Ford Bariatrics not only offers the safest, most-proven options, but we also provide personalized care and support before, during and after your procedure.

Bariatric endoscopy options can be primary (first procedure for weight-loss) or secondary (performed to improve or repair earlier weight loss surgery). All primary options are non-surgical, outpatient procedures performed by inserting a small flexible scope into the stomach through the patient’s mouth (instead of making an incision into the abdomen). They all reduce the amount of food your stomach can hold, or change part of your digestive tract, so you feel more satisfied while eating less.

Primary bariatric endoscopy is an elective procedure that is not usually covered by insurance. It does not require a doctor’s referral. It may be an effective alternative for those who do not meet the requirements for, or choose not to pursue, more invasive bariatric surgery.

Secondary bariatric endoscopy is designed to help previous weight loss surgery patients who are experiencing weight gain or other issues.

As with all weight-loss programs, long-term success depends on the patient’s level of commitment to nutritional eating, intentional activity and exercise, and other healthy habits.

Non-Surgical Options for You

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