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weight management seminar patient discussing food options
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Eydie Reynolds, use vegetables from the West Bloomfield Hospital’s Henry’s Café to discuss recipes with a patient.

The Center for Metabolic Health and Weight Management partners with you to support improvements to your health, weight and wellness. The multidisciplinary team specializes in lifestyle, behavior modification and nutrition to help treat or prevent type two diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight and other health problems impacted by your metabolic health. Experts will assist you in applying healthy nutrition, physical activity, and behavioral health practices for sustained healthy habits. Patients with a variety of dietary needs or preferences, including plant-based diets, food allergies or intolerances, meal replacements and others, are welcomed.

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Our Philosophy

Developing sustainable habits for long-term metabolic health success requires a multidisciplinary approach rooted in addressing 5 key areas: Healthy and Enjoyable Nutrition, Healthy Levels of Physical Activity, Behavioral and Psychological Wellbeing, Food and Social Environments as well as Maintaining a System of Accountability.

Get Started on Improving Your Health

To learn more about the Metabolic Health and Weight Management Programs, you are invited to attend a free informational seminar. For seminar schedules and any questions, please call the Metabolic Health team at (248) 325-1355. For new patients, please download, print, and complete the Intake Form to bring with you to a seminar or send to the Metabolic Health team before your first visit.

Metabolic Health and Weight Management Patient Testimonials


"You need to take time for yourself to follow this program. They will work with you and make this work for you they do not want you to feel unhappy or uncomfortable. I knew I was falling back into bad habits I had changed but they helped me put it back together. I feel good I have lost 14 pounds of what I gained back. I am consistently losing instead of losing a few and gaining it back. That is so discouraging. I don't feel hungry or suffering so that definitely helps. They really care. I highly recommend this 5 pillars of health program the weight loss is a side effect of the healthier lifestyle."- Abigail Combs

"I like learning how the effects of poor nutrition affect our health. Didn't know how serious high sodium is. An eye opener." - Anonymous Patient

"This has been a live changing experience for me. Both my mental and physical health have significantly improved." - Anonymous Patient

weight management team CTA
Metabolic Health and Weight Management Seminars

Join us for a free seminar to discuss how we can partner with you to improve your metabolic health and weight.


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