Men's Health

Comprehensive care for all of your urologic, sexual and reproductive health concerns. 

We understand that it’s not always easy to seek medical advice — especially for more intimate concerns. But your urologic, sexual and reproductive health should be a priority.

At the Henry Ford Men’s Health Center, our goal is to take the stress out of your healthcare experience. We’ve created a space where you can feel at ease discussing your concerns with our experienced and caring team.

Why should I visit a men’s health clinic?

Men’s unique health issues require specialized treatment from from urologists specifically trained to treat medical conditions that affect men. The highly skilled doctors at our Men’s Health Center understand this need and have the expertise necessary.

It’s important not to put off preventive care or suffer in silence with issues that affect your sexual health. Whether you need a routine checkup or care for a complex condition, our experts are here to help. We offer preventive care as well as effective treatments for men’s health conditions. Our experts use the most advanced and least invasive methods available to help you reach your health goals.

Men’s health at Henry Ford: Why choose us?

We believe that men deserve a place where they can feel comfortable getting the care they need. That’s why our world-class urologists provide screening, diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of men’s health issues.

When you come to us for help with urologic, sexual or reproductive health concerns, you can expect:

  • Expertise: Our urologists are fellowship-trained in a wide range of men’s health specialties. That means they have advanced training in areas such as fertility, low testosterone, sexual health and surgical treatments. Our physicians also help train other doctors in how to best to treat men’s health problems.
  • Discreet, professional atmosphere: Our welcoming environment is designed to put you at ease. You can feel comfortable seeking healthcare and advice from doctors who are experts in their fields.
  • Collaborative care: The urologists in our Men’s Health Center work with specialists in multiple departments. Together, they provide comprehensive, coordinated care for all our patients.
  • Advanced treatments: Our patients have access to groundbreaking therapies for sexual, reproductive and urologic issues. We are able to successfully treat men for a variety of conditions — often without surgery.
  • Minimally invasive surgical methods: When surgery is necessary, our highly skilled surgeons use minimally invasive, microsurgical techniques. That often means a safer, more successful surgery and faster recovery.

Men’s health services

Our Men’s Health Center offers preventive care, as well as diagnosis and treatment of urologic, sexual and reproductive health concerns. Our team of specialized urologists provides comprehensive care for a range of issues, including:

  • Men’s health conditions: Our doctors are experts at handling general men’s health concerns, such as prostate health, low testosterone, testicular pain and vasectomy. We also offer preventive care, including testicular and prostate cancer screenings. 
  • Infertility: We provide full male fertility evaluations to help diagnose reproductive issues. We have advanced therapies to effectively treat many infertility causes. 
  • Sexual health: Conditions that affect your sexual function can be distressing, but most are highly treatable. We offer effective remedies for concerns such as erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. 
  • Surgical treatments: Our highly skilled surgeons effectively treat a variety of health conditions using the most advanced, minimally invasive techniques available.
See a men’s health specialist

To make an appointment with a men’s health specialist, please call (800) 436-7936


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