Penile Implant

Our doctors are highly successful at treating erectile dysfunction (ED). We work with you to determine the best treatment for your condition. If medication and other therapies aren’t effective, we may recommend a penile implant surgery to help restore sexual function.

Our specialists also may recommend a penile implant when a man has both severe erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, or curved penis.

Types of penile implants

Our urologic surgeons at Henry Ford have extensive expertise in penile implant surgeries. Depending on your condition and treatment goals, your doctor may suggest one of the following:

  • Semi-rigid penile prostheses: The surgeon implants a flexible metal rod into the penis. After this surgery, your penis will always be firm and give you enough rigidity for sexual activity.
  • Inflatable penile prostheses: For inflatable devices, the surgeon inserts two cylinders into the penis. We insert reservoir into abdominal area and a small pump into the scrotum. You squeeze the pump to create an erection. This moves fluid into the cylinders causing them to inflate.

Penile implant surgery: What to expect

We perform most of our penile implants using small incisions in the scrotum or base of the penis. You will be under general anesthesia (completely asleep) throughout the procedure. Depending on your health and type of surgery, you may be able to return home the same day. Some patients spend one night in the hospital after surgery.

You should be able to resume most activities within a week of your surgery. Full recovery, including the ability to have intercourse, can take up to 6 weeks.

Turn to our specialists at Henry Ford Men’s Health for successful erectile dysfunction solutions. We take a compassionate, personalized approach to your needs and use advanced techniques to achieve your goals. Our specialists at the Henry Ford Men’s Health Center are experienced in doing penile implant revision surgery as well as complex penile implants. We have been able to successfully place implants when other surgeons have been unsucessful.

See a men’s health specialist

To make an appointment with a men’s health specialist, please call (800) 436-7936


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