Microsurgical Varicocelectomy

Enlarged veins in the testicles (varicocele) may not lead to symptoms, but they are a common cause of male infertility. It’s estimated that up to 40 percent of men who are infertile have the condition. Many do not find out until they try to have children.

If varicocele are not treated, they can lead to an abnormal sperm count, as well as abnormal shape and movement of sperm.

At Henry Ford Men’s Health Center, our specially trained doctors expertly diagnose and treat this condition. We can repair the enlarged veins and restore your fertility.

Microsurgical varicocelectomy: What to expect

Our highly trained surgeons perform microsurgical varicocelectomy, the safest and most effective treatment. This procedure can improve sperm quality, and has a low risk of complications.

Our surgeons use advanced, microsurgical techniques that result in smaller incisions and quicker recovery. Using a powerful microscope as a guide, the surgeon makes a small incision in the groin area to access the enlarged veins. We find and tie off the enlarged veins without impacting normal blood vessels.

Because we perform this surgery as an outpatient procedure, you can expect to return home the same day. Most men are able to resume activities, including work, within a week.

See a men’s health specialist

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