Zero Sperm Count (Azoospermia)

A low sperm count can make it difficult to conceive a baby. But for men with zero sperm count — or azoospermia — conceiving naturally is highly unlikely. Men with azoospermia might still produce sperm. It could be blocked from entering sperm or you may not produce enough.

At the Henry Ford Men’s Health Center, our skilled urologists restore fertility using advanced, effective treatments— giving hope to most men with azoospermia.

What causes azoospermia?

If you have been diagnosed with azoospermia, it means semen analysis tests found zero sperm in your semen. There are two types of azoospermia:

  • Obstructive azoospermia (OA): Men with OA may produce a lot of sperm. A blockage in the reproductive tract, however, prevents sperm from entering the semen or being ejaculated.
  • Non-obstructive azoospermia (NOA): This type of azoospermia results from problems with sperm production. Causes of NOA include testosterone replacement therapy, genetics or hormonal imbalances.

Azoospermia treatment

Our experts at the Henry Ford Men’s Health Clinic can effectively treat both types of azoospermia. By reversing the condition or surgically retrieving sperm, we successfully help men become biological fathers. Treatments for azoospermia include:

  • Hormone therapy: If NOA results from a hormonal imbalance, medication can restore balance and increase sperm production.
  • Ejaculatory duct obstruction surgery: We perform minimally invasive surgery to unblock ejaculatory ducts and restore fertility to men with OA.
  • Microsurgical sperm extraction: We use a high-powered microscope to retrieve sperm directly from the testicles. Sperm retrieval rates vary, but our highly skilled surgeons have the expertise to successfully extract sperm.
  • Microsurgical varicocelectomy: Sometimes varicocele (enlarged testicular veins) affect sperm production in the testicles. Our surgeons repair these veins using microscopic techniques that typically result in a faster recovery. The procedure allows normal sperm production to return in 60 percent of men.

If you’ve been diagnosed with azoospermia, our experts can help. We take a compassionate, personalized approach to your needs and use advanced techniques to achieve your goals.

See a men’s health specialist

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