Sports Medicine Patient Stories

At Henry Ford Sports Medicine, we don’t just treat illness and injury. We treat people. Our patients’ lives are touched by the compassion, dedication and expertise of our staff in thousands of different ways every day, whether it's a lifesaving treatment or simply a reassuring smile and kind word. Every patient’s story is unique. We are grateful for those who allow us to share their stories here:

Charles’ Story

College football player bounces back after unexpected basketball injury.

Mendez Sisters’ Story

The Mendez sisters had multiple family members have positive experiences at Henry Ford. Thanks to Sports Acupuncture at Henry Ford, they have, too.

Taylor’s Story

After tearing her ACL while playing college soccer, Taylor Fisher set her eyes on a new goal – a career in the medical field.

Ava’s Story

After years of playing hockey, Ava Mcillmurray began to feel severe hip pain during her senior year. It was time to seek treatment for relief, especially with the goal she was set to achieve on the horizon.

Elle’s Story

Despite playing competitive soccer for several years, Elle considered herself lucky that she did not experience any major injuries. During a regional high school game, her luck changed.

Emiliana’s Story

Emiliana hit a detour on her sports journey during the last seconds of a soccer national championship.

Kaley's Story

For hockey goalie Kaley Doyle, the rotational movements needed to play the position eventually led to double hip surgeries. She recovered, but one year later the pain returned.

Brandon Story

Brandon Newland’s dream to play professional baseball came into question after a sudden elbow injury. A successful surgery, physical therapy and hard work got him back on track.

Lenore’s story

Figure skater Lenore Hiscoe, experienced knee pain and discontinued jumping in competitions. After gel injection treatments she’s back on the ice.

Joey’s story

When Joey Liedel was sidelined by years of debilitating pain in both of his hips, he turned to the Henry Ford Sports Medicine team to help him get back on the basketball court.

Alice’s story

With the help of injections and non-surgical treatment, Alice is able to keep doing Cross Fit and move without pain.

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Giuliana’s story

After a complex labrum and capsule repair procedure on both shoulders, Giuliana is back on the ice and competing once again.

Anne's story

Thanks to PRP, a newer, nonsurgical treatment that used her own cells to regenerate torn hamstring tissue, Anne Hornak is back to her lifelong running passion.

Dickinson brothers' story

Through quick access and effective treatment plans, Joseph and Matthew Dickinson were able to get back on the baseball field after sustaining arm injuries. Now, they’re stronger than ever.

Mya's story

A Gifted Gymnast Gets Back On The Mat After Surgery

Cody Mastay Teaser

Cody's story

Cody Mastay was going for a loose puck below the goal line when he was hit from behind and suffered a concussion. After nearly three months in a dark room and several specialist visits Cody came to the Henry Ford Kutcher Clinic, who got him back on the ice.

Randy's story

After recovering from a knee injury Randy went on to run All-American.

Rashad's story

After a small tendon tear turned into a split tendon in his right shoulder, Rashad Harp went to Henry Ford sports medicine doctor and orthopedic surgeon, Eric Makhni, M.D. at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

Lailah's story

Despite having crooked kneecaps, Lailah was able to be a student athlete for East Jackson Community Schools year–round. That was, until she dislocated her right knee.

Cyndy's story

Cyndy and Dr. Lock worked through a treatment plan that they both felt comfortable with. In January, Cyndy had outpatient shoulder surgery to resect part of her clavicle bone.

Kelsey's story

“The physical therapy was very helpful. It will still take time for the damage to completely heal, but Barent, Dr. Brewer and the friendly staff at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital definitely made the process easier to handle.”

Marqis's story

Marqis Stokes a football player at Cranbrook Kingswood High School injured his knee during a game. Following surgery and successful rehab, Marqis returned to play in his senior year.

Kourtney thumbnail

Kourtney's story

Six months after hip surgery, Kourtney helps her team win the gold medal at the Junior Olympics.

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