Weekend Warrior Returns to the Court and Her Active Life After Bio-induced Collagen Patch

After partnering with her doctor on a treatment plan that offered a short recovery time, Cyndy is back in action.

Cyndy dancing with her dogCyndy is a very active, charismatic mother of a teenage boy. Cyndy enjoys kayaking, walking, bicycling and her first love – tennis. By the summer of 2018, pain in Cyndy’s shoulder had been bothering her for months and had increased to the point where she had to stop playing tennis. After speaking to a friend, who had similar pain and had undergone clavicle resection surgery, she scheduled an appointment with Terrence Lock, M.D. An ultrasound, x-rays and an MRI helped determine that Cyndy had injured her acromioclavicular joint and had torn her rotator cuff. Cyndy was fearful of surgery and the long recovery time.

“Dr. Lock was very calming and he really cared. He called me after hours, from a soccer game, to talk through my concerns. I felt like he really listened to me and my opinions. In the end, we partnered on a plan that satisfied his need to completely take care of my shoulder and my desire to have a shorter recovery.”

Cyndy and Dr. Lock worked through a treatment plan that they both felt comfortable with. In January, Cyndy had outpatient shoulder surgery to resect part of her clavicle bone, clean out the acromion and repair the tear with a bio inductive collagen patch – a newer procedure that heals the partial rotator cuff tear with a much shorter recovery time. Cyndy boasts the entire surgical team took excellent care of her – her post-op nurse even fed her Pepsi-soaked ice chips to help ease her headache from missing her morning coffee.

In under two weeks Cyndy was out of the sling, back at work and began physical therapy the week after. She expects to make a full recovery and began lightly hitting tennis balls again only three months after surgery.

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