Virtual Rehabilitation

We offer a robust virtual rehabilitation program so you can get safe, effective care from the comfort and privacy of home. Online video visits are available for physical therapy, sports therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and many other types of care. Licensed therapists from Henry Ford Health evaluate your progress and guide you through your treatment plan.

Online physical, occupational and speech therapy: Why choose Henry Ford?

Our virtual rehabilitation services offer:

  • Convenience: Online therapy visits let you get timely care that fits your busy schedule. We can even set up a hybrid care plan that includes in-person and virtual rehabilitation.
  • Safety: Virtual care allows you to get safe care without leaving home. It’s ideal for anyone who is worried about getting sick or has mobility or transportation challenges.
  • Easy access: You can schedule virtual care with therapists at nearly all of our Henry Ford outpatient rehabilitation locations. Simply log on through MyChart and your therapist will guide you through your one-on-one video session.

Services we offer

Licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists can provide a wide range of services virtually, including:

  • Initial evaluations
  • Ergonomic and safety evaluations of your home or work environment
  • Guided exercise training
  • Movement and range-of-motion tests
  • Pain assessments
  • Pre- and post-operative education
  • Recommendations for using household items as therapy equipment

How our telehealth program works

Getting the care you need is a few clicks away. Follow these steps for a speech, occupational or physical therapy telehealth session:

  1. Call the Henry Ford rehabilitation location where you usually receive care. If you’re a new patient, you can select a location that fits your needs.
  2. Schedule an online virtual visit. You will need a referral from your primary care physician or a specialist. We can also verify your insurance coverage for online visits.
  3. Sign up for a MyChart account. You’ll log in to MyChart on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer for your video session.

Learn more about virtual care at Henry Ford.

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