Welcoming Baby: Patient Stories

At Henry Ford Health, we don’t just treat illness or disease. We treat people. Our patients’ lives are touched by the compassion, dedication and expertise of our staff in thousands of different ways every day, whether it’s a lifesaving treatment or simply a reassuring smile and kind word. Every patient’s story is unique. We are grateful for those who allow us to share their stories here:

From Data to Diapers

As a principal performance measurement analyst for the Virtual Prenatal Care program, Daria, learned she was pregnant. “I knew I had to try it. I was part of this project, supporting it, so I wanted to see how it would actually work.”



The Ultimate Work Life Balance

As a program coordinator for Henry Ford’s Virtual Care services, Taylor welcomed the opportunity to try out virtual care in real life. “It was really nice to have the option of video visits for some of my prenatal checkups. And convenient to not have to go to my doctor's office and miss work or be late for work just to go and have a routine visit.”



This is Our Baby

Virtual OB visits make mom's pregnancy a family affair. This veteran mom used at-home monitoring devices and video visits to share the wonder of her growing pregnancy with her husband and young children.



thumb Miya laughs Clark in the air

Technology Creates Convenient Prenatal Care

Working mom-to-be Miya Perkins found virtual prenatal care visits made life much easier. “I was able to schedule my visits before work so I could just wake up, go in the living room, have my visit, get dressed and go to work."



Tiny Miracle

Despite a rocky start, baby Stella beat the odds with help from NICU experts. The journey was filled with many ups and downs, but after 10 days in the NICU, baby Stella first opened her eyes.



thumb identical triplets sm

Identical Triplets

Expert OB care for a “one-in-a-million” pregnancy helps baby boys achieve a healthy start. The identical triplets – conceived naturally without the help of fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization – were born at 34 weeks.

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