Identical Triplets Born at Henry Ford Hospital

identical triplets sm

Alexander, Nicholas and Timothy are a rare, one-in-a million birth

The identical triplets – conceived naturally without the help of fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization – were recently born at 34 weeks via C-section at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

Parents Lauren and Michael Whiteley of St. Clair Shores never expected they would have triplets. Already parents to two boys – Lucas, age 3, and Nolan, age 2 – they were just trying for one more baby, possibly a girl this time.

The Whiteleys knew they had a 50-50 shot at having a girl, but never imagined they’d instead have three babies. Twins and triplets do not run in their family.

The couple said they were in complete shock when Lauren got the news during a routine ultrasound that they were expecting triplets.

Even more surprising: The same ultrasound visit revealed that babies were identical, all sharing one placenta.

Michael recalls the phone call from Lauren after that visit: “She called me laughing and I said, ‘it’s all boys, isn’t it?’ And she said, ‘yes, all boys.’”

The babies made their arrival on Jan. 25 at Henry Ford Hospital, with Alexander weighing in at 3.12 lbs., Nicholas at 4.1 lbs. and Timothy at 4.9 lbs.

Henry Ford Ob/GYN and neonatal experts credit the babies’ good health and weight at delivery to Lauren for carrying them to a little more than 34 weeks – an incredible feat.

Still needing some extra care, the trio spent nearly one month in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit being cared for by neonatologist Savitri Kumar, M.D., and the NICU expert team.

For Dr. Kumar, it was the first time in her nearly 40-year career that she’s cared for identical triplets.

“The fact that they’re identical is incredible,” says Dr. Kumar. “They’re all doing so well.”

Now home, the triplets are healthy and settling in with their parents and two older brothers.

“We have an amazing support system of family and friends who have helped us during the past few weeks,” says Michael.

When asked if they still might try again for a girl, the Whiteleys agree that their family is now complete with the triplets.

“I’m happy to be surrounded by handsome men,” says Lauren.

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