Patient Stories

Find strength and hope from these breast cancer survivors. 

Breast cancer touches the lives of thousands of patients throughout Michigan each year. Our mission is simple: Provide our patients whatever they need during this difficult time in their lives, from advanced treatments to a reassuring hug.

Each patient has their own unique journey, from diagnosis and treatment to survivorship. We are grateful to those who allow us to share their stories. 

Our breast cancer heroes

Rebecca’s story

Discover the inspiring journey of Rebecca Parrow, a breast cancer survivor who found strength and support at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital. Guided by a compassionate team, Rebecca's story highlights resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

Yolanda’s story

Yolanda Peoples faces uncertainty with recurrent cancer. But she maximizes her time and health, while making her doctors great.

Christine’s story

Although Chris had a normal mammogram earlier in the year, she had several risk factors for breast cancer. Her mom had the disease and her grandmother had ovarian cancer. Chris never gave birth, and she had dense breasts. So, mammogram technicians referred her to the High-Risk Breast Clinic at Henry Ford Jackson Hospital as a precaution, and that decision was life-saving.

Patty's story

Patty was diagnosed with breast cancer and describes her team as "wonderful" but just 30 days after her diagnosis, chemotherapy began and so did a major side effect: chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy. But specialists reduce her pain by 85%.

Michelle's story

Michelle Milenkovic woke up to a stabbing pain in her breast and the discovery of a mass. She quickly made an online appointment for a mammogram. After a biopsy, her life changed. She captured and embraced the entire journey.

Cheron Sanders Family2

Cheron's story

Radio personality Cheron Sanders played it forward after her breast cancer treatment at Henry Ford, creating an online community to support women with breast cancer.


Loretta's story

After beating breast cancer twice in 30 years, Loretta’s rare perspective captures remarkable advancements and innovations in cancer surgery and radiation therapy at Henry Ford.

Breast Cancer Patient Deidra

Deidra's story

After Deidra Latrell Moody received breast cancer treatment at two different hospitals, she used her experiences to make a difference at Henry Ford's new cancer pavilion in Detroit to help create a comfortable, healing environment for patients.

Breast Cancer Patient Anita

Anita's story

After Delaying Screening for 5 Years, Anita Gets a Quick and Convenient 3D Mammogram on Henry Ford’s Mobile Mammography Bus.

dorthilen thumbnail

Dorthilen's story

A shocking triple negative breast cancer diagnosis at age 27 was followed by more surprising news for Dorthilen: a baby was on the way. Her breast cancer team jumped into action to quickly developed a personalize treatment plan to ensure the healthy delivery of her baby boy.

Kim's story

Kim Krygier says she felt safe and protected – like she was in the eye of the storm – while receiving chemotherapy during the coronavirus public health pandemic. And she never had to miss a treatment, thanks to enhanced safety measures that continue to deliver uninterrupted cancer care in the face of COVID-19.

Miranda's story

Miranda was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 35, with no family history or risk factors. She turned to Henry Ford Cancer's multidisciplinary breast cancer clinic, where she was able to meet in one visit with her whole care team and a panel of cancer specialists mapped out a clear, coordinated care plan.

Lillian's story

Prior to Lillian’s appointment, the entire breast cancer team met as part of a tumor board to discuss Lillian’s case and map out the best course of treatment for her. Then, during her clinic appointment, all members of her team met with her to discuss her options.

Laura's story

When Laura was told she’d need chemotherapy to treat her breast cancer, she decided to dig into her pocket for an innovative ice-free cool cap to save her hair, not a wig.

Tamika's story

When shoulder pain from a rotator cuff injury sent Tamika to the doctor for an MRI, it revealed more than she expected: a tumor in her breast. Now she's sharing what gave her strength to keep going during treatment to offer hope to others facing a cancer diagnosis.

Cyndi's story

Cyndi Preiss was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast and underwent surgery, breast reconstruction, chemotherapy and radiation. Through it all, her spirit never faltered. 

Sandy's story

Shortly after the opening of Henry Ford Jackson Hospital Plastic Surgery in November 2017, Sandy Allen was the first woman to have breast reconstruction surgery in Jackson, Michigan. Being the first didn’t concern her at all, though, because she had faith in plastic surgeon Shoshana Ambani, MD.

Susan's story

An active outdoor lover, Susan Foster enjoys kayaking, motorcycling, snowmobiling, camping and hiking. Following her breast cancer surgery and treatment, Susan celebrated with her first parasailing adventure.

Sharon's story

After twice beating uterine cancer, Sharon was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. Sharon’s breast cancer team took an aggressive approach to treatment, ensuring she would become a three-time cancer survivor.

Glenda's story

In August 2016, when Glenda's yearly mammogram prompted another follow-up call expressing concern over the results, Glenda was quick to disregard and avoid worrying about “something” when she was confident it was nothing. “They called me back exactly three months later,” recalls Glenda. “That’s when I started to think something might be going on because most hospitals don’t follow up like that.

Lynn's story

A second opinion for breast cancer had Lynn on the road to recovery in 16 days.

Erika's story

Erika Lojko was just 35 years old when her world was turned upside down. After the unexpected passing of her husband, she was left wondering how she would raise her young son alone. Little did she know, just one week later she would be faced with another battle: beating breast cancer.

Mary's story

To help her visualize defeating her tumor, Mary decided to name it Squidward, after the “pessimistic and irritating” character from the cartoon "SpongeBob SquarePants." Although she had battled breast cancer in 2005, this diagnosis was much different.

Martha's story

For years, Martha York was concerned about a hardness she noticed in her right breast, even though her regular mammograms all had "normal" results. At the encouragement of a good friend, Martha finally sought the opinion of a general surgeon.

Tracey's story

After beating breast cancer, Tracey’s life-changing medical experience — and love of Lions football — inspired her to join Game On Cancer, an initiative with Henry Ford Cancer and the Detroit Lions to raise funds for research and patient needs.

Linda's story

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Linda was healthy and busy raising her four children. She ate healthy, didn’t smoke or drink and went in for routine medical checkups. That’s when she got the life-changing news.

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