Breast Cancer Conditions

Learn about the types of breast cancer we treat.

Breast cancer comes in many forms. Each has its own unique challenges, and certain forms may be better suited to certain types of treatment than others. That’s why we start with a complete diagnostic process, including a biopsy, to help us get the right diagnosis for your type of cancer.

Types of breast cancers can include:

  • Carcinomas, which start in the milk ducts and milk-producing glands of the breast
  • Paget disease, a rare form of breast cancer which starts in the breast ducts but spreads to the skin of the nipple and areola (the skin around the nipple)
  • Sarcomas and phyllodes tumors, rare cancers that develop in the connective tissues of the breast
  • Angiosarcomas, rare cancers that start in the cells that line the blood or lymph vessels of the breast

We test your cancer cells for three types of proteins, called receptors, to help us determine if they will respond to hormone therapy. If your cells test negative for all three receptor types, we call that triple-negative breast cancer.

Understanding high breast cancer risk

Certain factors, such as a family history of breast cancer or having been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past, can increase your risk for developing breast cancer. It’s important to know your breast cancer risks and work with your doctor to manage them, such as with:

Learn more about high breast cancer risk and how to manage it.

Male breast cancer

Although most patients with breast cancer are women, men can get breast cancer. Fortunately, we have made treating male breast cancer an area of expertise. Learn more about breast cancer in men.

Living with Cancer. I’m a Warrior.
Read about Erika Lojko’s fight against triple negative breast cancer and her motivation to live.
breast cancer patient erika lojko posed on wood pile with her son
cancer physicians looking at mammography scan
Expert Breast Cancer Care

We give patients access to the top surgeons and the most advanced science-based technologies and treatments.

Newly diagnosed?

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