Why Henry Ford


Allie Patterson, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? I chose Henry Ford as it offers a comprehensive, hands-on experience for residents, both for neurology and for my husband's specialty, emergency medicine. In addition to the great variety of patients, both in diversity and pathology, the neurology department is very collegial and has an invested interest in teaching.

Hisham Alhajala, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? I chose Henry Ford Hospital because of the academic and teaching opportunities. Also because of the great, extremely friendly people we get to work with and learn from. Finally, because I love Detroit!!!

Meari Taguchi, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? I wanted to be closer to family and experience the revitalization of Detroit!

Ali Mohamud, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? Henry Ford was a large, advanced hospital but still had a patient population representative of the general public. Staff were incredibly welcoming, and residents were very close and friendly

Oluwafunmilola Adekanmbi, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? I knew it was the place where I'd be exposed to a wide variety of pathology and gain more experience in working in the inner city. The residents also seemed very happy and proud to be here. 

Selina Mahmood, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? It’s close to home and has the best program coordinator and residents

Alfonso Martinez Nunez, M.D.
Why Henry Ford?: I appreciated the opportunities for research, the movement disorders staff, and the community of residents who looked really close and legit cared for each other.

Rami Al-Hader, M.D.
Why Henry Ford?: Because of the people working here

Muhammad Fraz, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? I chose Henry Ford Neurology Program mainly because of its amazing people which include both the trainees and the staff including our attendings and program coordinator, Adelina. The diverse patient population and excellent learning opportunities consolidated my decision to choose this place for my residency training.

Natalie Stec, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? I chose Henry Ford for so many reasons- I acted on a gut feeling. HF is a tertiary care center with the highest level of neurological care, which means maximal exposure to the most diagnostically challenging and complex pathologies. When I interviewed, I felt like I really fit in with everyone. Staff, faculty and residents come from so many different walks of life making for such a dynamic, interesting, and complementary collection of individuals, who I thought-—yes, I can’t wait to learn and grow from and alongside these awesome and inspiring people.

Stephanie Phillips, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? The residents seemed like a family in how they all interacted. The patient population was vastly different from where I went to medical school and I was interested in seeing both diverse population and interesting neurology cases. Also with the volume at Henry Ford I knew that I would be competent at the end of my training.


Ali Alsaif, M.D.
Why Henry Hord? I joined the Henry Ford Neurology program because the falafel lunch at the interview day was amazing.

Omar Choudhury, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? The residents and staff were all so welcoming!

Justin Nofar, M.D.
Preferred name: Justin
Why Henry Ford? Wanted to stay close to home but I also love Detroit and I’m here for the come up!

Odei Alayyas, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? During the pre-interview Dinner, former resident Dr. Suri praised the program and the residents at Henry Ford Neurology while enjoying her garlic goat cheese dip at Ottava Via. She turned about to be right; no regrets coming here!

Mohammad Alkhoujah, M.D.
Why Henry Ford?: It embraces a culture of diversity. I felt welcomed when I visited here and additionally would have great exposure to diverse patient presentations.

Ammar Jumah, M.D.
Why Henry Ford? The resident community that HF provides is sufficient enough to guarantee support that will be needed through this journal. Not only this but also the optiiosn of fellowships the program offers.


Utkarsh Agarwal, MBBS
Why Henry Ford - I met some truly amazing people during my interview here. I got the feeling that I would feel like home here and this hospital will be the perfect place to start my Neurology journey. It is a great program with abundance of opportunities for clinical learning and research.

Abdalla Albanna, MBBCh
Why Henry Ford - because I felt really comfortable during the interview, the whole staff and the residents were so nice and warm. I felt that this is the work environment I would like to be surrounded with and learn how to be a neurologist at.

Brook Centofanti, D.O.
Why Henry Ford - I did a rotation here during my fourth year of medical school and loved the pathology I saw coupled with the hands on learning and great residents!

Michael (Mike) Fana, M.D.
Why Henry Ford - This program was one of my top choices! I chose Henry Ford because I wanted to train at a well-established rigorous program with a diverse patient population, a wide array of specialists, plenty of fellowship and research opportunities available, and a collegial group of co-residents and staff - couldn't be happier!

Nada Mobayed, M.D.
Why henry ford - Everyone seemed very nice and welcoming, and the program was strongly recommended to me by my mentor back home.

Momina Qureshi, M.D.
Why Henry Ford – Felt warm and inviting with a lot of good exposure and wide breath of Neurology.


Mohammed Salah Abusulima, M.D.
Because of the wide pathology I know I'll get exposure to during my residency, because of the diversity of the place, because of all the subspecialities the hospital has, because of the faculty that I believe will always be there for me guiding me all the way to achieve my goals and fulfill my learning needs, and, of course, because of the middle eastern community in the city!

Abdelrahman Elfaham, M.D.
I was looking for a program that would allow me to evaluate and treat a diverse patient population. I am also planning to pursue fellowship and I wanted to be in a hospital that would give me the opportunity to rotate in the great subspecialities we have in Neurology. Lastly, I am interested in academics, and Henry Ford’s affiliations with two medical schools will give me the necessary skills and experience in teaching. In all honesty, these aspects were important to me, but several programs offered this. What really stood out to me at Henry Ford Hospital was the relationship between the residents in the pre-interview meeting, their diversity, and the friendliest most laid-back interview I had. After my interview, I knew that this is where I belong.

Siyuan Fu, M.D.
Apart from the best training and kindest support from the faculty, I had the most amazing interview experience with Henry Ford and I value this culture of harmonious team working and educating atmosphere.

Anas Idris, M.D.
With comprehensive and rich clinical training, ample opportunities to pursue my academic interests, and a friendly and collegial environment, it was clear that Henry Ford was the best residency program for me. Additionally, I wanted to be close to my family members and friends who live in Michigan.

Zahid Iqbal, M.D.

Henry Ford hospital’s belief in excellence through innovation and education stood out when choosing a residency program. I admired the diversity in the program and the close-knit, collaborative work environment. Its location in a major metro city provides exposure to distinct pathologies from Detroit and every corner of Michigan.

Ahmed Mohamedelkhair, M.D.

I applied to Henry Ford because i have alot of friend in Detroit and they recommended it as great place for neurology. When I interviewed and learned about all the advances HFH that has been a part of I was so excited to join Henry Ford and be part of this group. I liked how everyone was so nice from the beginning (Adelina’s first email and how she treated me) through the interview where I had a wonderful time and for me it was not just an interview, it was an opportunity to talk to senior neurologists who made me feel comfortable even though the internet connection had let me down twice. I was so excited after the interview about the possibility of being a junior in this team. Once I came to Henry Ford, my initial impression wasn’t wrong. As someone who had never used Epic to be comfortable with it in 1 month is a reflection of how helpful the staff are at Henry Ford!


Dennis Mohn, D.O.
Henry Ford was my first choice for residency because of the breadth of pathology, the research and fellowship opportunities, and the positive interactions I have had with all the faculty and residents I met.

Taylor Reardon, D.O.
I chose Henry Ford for residency because of their dedication to patient care, resident education and aspirations for medical innovation. The ability to see a wide range of pathologies and learn from world leaders in their respective fields will undoubtedly prepare me for a successful career as a neurologist. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to train at Henry Ford!

Lubna Salih, M.D.
It is the perfect place that will help me achieve my full potential as a future neurologist.

Joudi Sharaf, M.D.
I chose Henry Ford because of its strong reputation, comprehensive curriculum, renowned faculty, research opportunities, and the long-term friendships I would make!

Thomas Vismara, M.D.
I grew up in the metro Detroit area and my wife and I knew we want to stay in the area. Growing up, I came to greatly appreciate Detroit, and that appreciation was furthered during my time in medical school at Wayne State. Rotating at Henry Ford as a medical student, I worked with a lot of great faculty and saw the excellent care Henry Ford provides, especially in Neurology. I knew that Henry Ford would be a great place to train and would prepare me well for life after residency. I wanted to continue to work in and give back to the community that has meant a lot to me.

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