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By joining the All of Us Research Program, you’re helping to build a one-of-a-kind data resource for researchers to use. What they discover could lead to better treatments and disease prevention strategies for everyone.

The Research Hub allows everyone to learn more about the types of data participants are providing and how approved researchers can use our data and tools to conduct studies that may speed up medical breakthroughs. 

The Research Hub offers:

What is the Data Browser?

The Data Browser is an interactive tool that lets you learn more about the health data that All of Us participants have provided. When you complete All of Us surveys, provide your physical measurements, or agree to share your electronic health records, your information will end up in this resource. The Data Browser is part of the All of Us Research Hub. Currently in beta testing, the browser will include more data and new types of data over time.

What can I do in the Data Browser?

The browser is your view into the data that researchers will be using. You can see what the current data from the All of Us participant community looks like by:

  • Searching any health condition to see how many participants have it in their health histories
  • Discovering the top 100 prescription drugs or medical procedures that are currently represented in the data
  • Comparing how groups of participants have answered All of Us surveys
  • Finding the average physical measurements of participants
  • Viewing graphs of the data sorted by categories such as sex or age

When you search certain conditions in the Data Browser, you may also see links to an article or two that can help you learn more about the conditions.

Explore the Data Browser

Data Snapshots

Interested in quickly viewing the diversity of the All of Us Research Program participant data? Our Data Snapshots are the fastest way to view the diversity of the All of Us Research Program participant data set. Updated regularly, these snapshots provide visualizations of participant demographics, geographical distribution, and more.

View Data Snapshots


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