Spine Surgery Prehab

Preparing you for the best possible experience

Your Henry Ford spine surgery team is dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes and the fastest return to a productive life. When your physician has determined that you need spine surgery, it’s important to understand what your surgery will entail before, during and after your procedure – and what you can do to help ensure the best possible recovery.

Online Spine Prehab Class

Our Online Spine Prehab Class provides detailed information you need to know for the best experience.

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What to expect in Spine Prehab

Spine Prehab is our presurgical program that is designed to prepare you for your surgical experience, your hospital stay and recovery. During the Spine Prehab program, you will learn more about each stage of your surgical experience:

  • Before your spine surgery: Increasing your level of activity and strengthening your muscles prior to surgery and details about what to bring to the hospital, when you should expect to be contacted, and instructions leading up to surgery.

  • Day of spine surgery: What to expect during presurgical preparation and immediately after your procedure.

  • Initial recovery: A review of general instructions and interactions with spine team.

  • Pain expectations and management: The importance of your customized pain management plan, medications and how to use them, and tips for reducing pain.

  • Therapy: You may be evaluated by one of our physical or occupational therapists during your hospital stay. This will depend on your surgery and discharge needs. They will help determine what additional services or equipment you may need, if any.

  • Transitioning back home: Including discharge planning, special medical equipment, medications, infection prevention and home care.

Your education guide has the answers

We also recommend that all our spine surgery patients study our spine surgery patient education guide before surgery. Information sheets to reinforce important preparations for surgery, as well as arrival information that is specific to each hospital, are available here:

While the Spine Prehab program is designed to give you more information, you and your spine surgeon will decide details of your surgical plan. Depending on your spine surgery, there may be some variation with therapy services and equipment recommendations. Your surgeon knows you best and will tailor your treatment to your spinal condition and needs.


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