Hip Conditions

Care for hip dysplasia, hip impingement, and other conditions.

The hip is one of the body’s largest weight-bearing joints. We put our hips through twisting, extreme ranges of motion, and other demands as part of normal activities. But if you have a hip condition, even simple activities like standing, walking, or sitting can be difficult or painful.

Our joint specialists offer treatment options to relieve the pain of hip conditions.

Hip conditions we treat

We treat many kinds of hip conditions, such as hip dysplasia and hip impingement.

Who is at risk for hip conditions?

Hip conditions can affect people of any age. Some hip conditions are present at birth (congenital hip disorders) or may arise as we grow (developmental hip disorders). Some hip conditions don’t appear until the teenage years, young adulthood, middle age, or even later.

Some hip disorders can trace their causes back to other conditions, such as:

We provide care for anyone at any age who has a hip disorder. Our pediatric orthopedic program treats hip disorders in infants, children, and teenagers. And our Adolescent and Young Adult Hip Program treats teenagers, young adults, and adults.

Treatment options for hip conditions

If you need treatment for a hip condition, we’ll work to reduce your pain and improve your function. Some of the pain management therapies we offer for hip conditions include:

If these treatments don’t work or aren’t a good choice, we may recommend surgery to correct your hip condition. Some of the surgical options our doctors provide include:

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