Conditions & Treatments

Learn about the different types of joint conditions we treat

Many different problems affect the joints. Some of these are minor conditions that can heal with rest and time. Others are more serious and need surgery to correct.

Whatever joint condition you have, our joint specialists will treat it as quickly and safely as possible.

What joint conditions does Henry Ford treat?

We treat a number of joint conditions, including:

Treatment options

Some joint conditions respond well to treatments like rest, medications for pain and inflammation, and physical therapy. Peripheral joint injections may provide additional pain relief.

For injuries like tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow that may have been sustained from playing sports, our sports medicine team may be able to help, including improvements to your technique or equipment recommendations to reduce your chance of future problems.

If your condition doesn’t respond well to these options, we may recommend surgery to address the problem. We offer both minimally invasive and traditional open surgical procedures to treat joint conditions. Joint replacement is an option for particularly serious joint problems that we can’t correct surgically.

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