Conditions Our Neurosurgeons Treat

Managing a complex neurological condition requires a team of experts working for you. Neurosurgeons at Henry Ford Health are among the most experienced surgeons in the state and deliver trusted care for a broad range of conditions, including epilepsy, stroke, skull base tumors and tremors. Patients and doctors from across Michigan come to us for our expert care.

Conditions we treat

Our team of experts offer advanced surgical options for a variety of conditions, including:

Aneurysm and hemorrhagic stroke

Stroke experts are available around the clock to deliver lifesaving surgery for brain bleeds caused by ruptured carotid arteries and blood vessels. We also offer expert prevention and treatments for patients at high risk for a first-time stroke or recurrent stroke. Get more information about neurovascular conditions.

Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)

Our surgeons are national leaders in the treatment of AVM, a rare condition that causes a tangle of abnormal blood vessels in the brain. Our collaborative approach brings together a variety of specialists to design a personalized treatment plan to prevent or repair hemorrhage, control seizures or reduce other neurological complications. Learn more about AVM.

Back and spine pain

Our spine surgeons can help you get relief from chronic spinal cord or nerve compression. Robotic surgical technologies are available to precisely implant surgical hardware. You recover more quickly and get back to doing the things you love. Read more about spine conditions we treat.

Brain tumors

Brain tumor surgery is highly complex, requiring careful navigation of delicate tissue. You need an expert team on your side. At Henry Ford, you receive world-class care reflecting the latest treatment methods for cancerous and noncancerous brain tumors. Neurosurgeons specializing in brain surgery work alongside other specialists to tailor therapies to your needs.

Find out more about the Hermelin Brain Tumor Center and the types of brain tumors we treat.

Epilepsy and seizure conditions

We offer a level of care for these complex conditions that’s not widely available in Michigan. When new implantable devices are available, Henry Ford is consistently among the nation's first programs offering them. We are regular participants in clinical trials that give some patients access to treatments that are not yet widely available. Learn more about epilepsy.

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Advanced care for severe muscle stiffness (spasticity), a complication of MS, may include surgery. We implant a pump that injects a pain medication (baclofen) directly into the spinal fluid. Our careful approach includes testing before surgery to determine whether your symptoms respond to baclofen using this delivery method. Read more about multiple sclerosis (MS).

Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH)

Abnormal fluid build-ups in the brain cause symptoms like gait and balance disorders that are similar to other neurologic problems. We use a team approach to deliver an accurate diagnosis and can offer surgical treatment for NPH, when appropriate. Learn more about normal pressure hydrocephalus.

Occipital headaches due to Chiari malformation

Chiari malformation occurs when brain tissue at the base of the brain is compressed, causing headaches that get worse with coughing, swallowing difficulty, and/or sleep apnea. Our neurosurgeons are experts at complex procedures to repair these structures, so you can get relief.

Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor and dystonia

These chronic conditions cause abnormal movements that sometimes do not respond to medications. Henry Ford neurosurgeons implant devices that send gentle electrical impulses to areas of the brain to lessen these movements. We use advanced imaging and surgical expertise to implant devices in the right spot and help more patients achieve excellent results. Explore deep brain stimulation.

Peripheral nerve disease

The complex network of nerves outside of your brain and spinal cord make up the peripheral nerves. We deliver advanced treatments — including replacing, rewiring or stimulating damaged nerves — to improve nerve function and reduce pain. These therapies help people regain sensation and movement after complex medical issues and serious accidents.

Skull base, nasal and pituitary tumors

Our specialized surgeons care for hundreds of patients with skull base, nasal and pituitary tumors every year. Doctors from across the region refer patients to Henry Ford for our expertise in treating these hard-to-reach tumors. Learn more about the types of conditions treated by this team of highly trained specialists.


We can help you get relief from painful muscle spasticity that often occurs with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, dystonia or ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). An implantable pump delivers muscle relaxants directly to the spinal fluid, helping you avoid the side effects of oral medications. Get more information about baclofen pump therapy.

Traumatic brain and spine injuries

Severe (traumatic) brain injuries require timely, delicate treatments. At Henry Ford, you benefit from the expertise of nationally renowned neurosurgeons. Our specialists also advance the field through research, giving you access to the latest care methods. Find out more about traumatic brain injury.

Trigeminal neuralgia and other types of facial pain

You have more options for healing if facial pain from trigeminal neuralgia stops responding to medications. We offer a range of treatments and have a reputation for good results that draws patients from across Michigan. Get more information about trigeminal neuralgia.

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