Cerebrovascular Disease Clinic

Cerebrovascular conditions, including arteriovenous malformations and carotid artery blockages, can affect blood flow to the brain. Some do not require treatment. Others lead to life-threatening complications. At Henry Ford Health, your well-being and peace of mind are important to us, which is why we provide ongoing care in our cerebrovascular disease clinic.

Who is cerebrovascular disease care for?

Our services are for adults living with cerebrovascular disease. These conditions affect the blood vessels that deliver oxygen-rich blood to the brain. Find out more about the cerebrovascular conditions we treat.

Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, you could be at risk for complications like stroke.

Cerebrovascular disease care may be right for you if you have:

  • Imaging studies that show signs of cerebrovascular disease, such as a partial blockage or blood vessel that’s ballooning outward (aneurysm)
  • Family history of conditions that can lead to carotid occlusions, such as high cholesterol or diabetes
  • Received preventive treatment, such as a procedure, to lower the risk of a brain bleed (hemorrhagic stroke)
  • Undergone emergency stroke care due to a carotid artery blockage or rupture

Cerebrovascular disease clinic at Henry Ford: Why choose us?

You receive cerebrovascular disease care from some of the world’s leading experts. We have decades of experience and helped pioneer some of today’s leading treatment methods. Our team is with you through all phases of care, so you receive the services that are best for your needs.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Timely access: You won’t have to wait long for answers to questions about your cerebrovascular health. We typically see people with urgent concerns, including new patients, within one business day. If you have questions between appointments, we are easy to reach by phone or through our patient portal, MyChart.
  • Personalized cerebrovascular disease care: Imaging studies help us assess the fine details of blood vessels supplying your brain. Our depth of experience leads to an accurate diagnosis and care recommendations you can trust. If you are at risk for a brain bleed, multiple experts work together to plan and deliver treatments.
  • Coordination: Our team includes nurse coordinators who help schedule the services you need and explain what to expect. If you are seeing multiple Henry Ford specialists, we are in communication as necessary to keep your care moving forward. These efforts make it easier for you to focus on feeling your best.

Cerebrovascular disease services

You have access to the cerebrovascular services and experts you need in one program. We take time to get to know you as an individual. Each visit includes a thorough assessment and recommendations that are responsive to your changing needs.

Cerebrovascular disease care includes:

  • Imaging: You have access to any imaging study you may need, including an MRI or CT scan. These tests evaluate blood vessels from outside your body. For a more detailed evaluation, we use angiography. This procedure assesses blood vessels from within your body with the help of long thin tubes (catheters).
  • Physical and neurologic evaluations: We perform an assessment to learn how symptoms are affecting brain functioning and daily life. Experts may listen to the sound of blood flowing through your carotid arteries. They may also ask you to perform simple tasks to assess neurologic functioning.
  • Medications: For early-stage cerebrovascular disease, medications may lower your risk of complications. We may prescribe drugs to lower blood pressure or cholesterol or help you manage diabetes.
  • Follow-up care: If you underwent a procedure to prevent or treat cerebrovascular disease complications, we support your recovery after leaving the hospital. These efforts include evaluations to ensure you are healing as expected.
  • Lifestyle recommendations: Certain habits, like smoking and eating a high-fat diet, raise your risk of cerebrovascular disease complications. We may recommend tobacco treatment services or provide healthy eating tips.

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