Henry Ford Headache and Facial Pain Center

Headaches and facial pain put a damper on every aspect of your life, including work, school, family and free time. They can also be some of the most complex conditions to diagnose and treat. But lasting relief is within reach at Henry Ford Health.

Our Headache and Facial Pain Center is among an elite few in Michigan. You benefit from headache specialists who make personalized recommendations and use leading therapies. Even if other treatments have not been successful, we offer hope for healing.

Do I need to see a headache specialist?

Everyone experiences occasional headaches. You might benefit from seeing our headache specialists if you:

  • Are experiencing severe, frequent headaches and related symptoms
  • Need over-the-counter headache treatments to get through the day
  • Aren’t getting relief from treatments or their side effects are becoming unbearable
  • Have symptoms that are getting worse or becoming more frequent

When to seek emergency care for head pain

In some cases, a headache could be a sign of a severe or life-threatening medical condition. Dial 911, don’t try to drive yourself to the emergency room, if you experience:

  • Difficulty walking, seeing or talking
  • Severe head pain that comes on suddenly
  • Headache following a head injury

Care from a team that understands your needs

When you are living with chronic headaches, just getting through the day is challenging. And not knowing when the pain will come back adds an extra layer of stress to your life. Even worse, some symptoms can be difficult for other people in your life to appreciate. At Henry Ford, no symptom or concern is too small to discuss. Meet our headache and facial pain doctors.

You receive services from neurologists and neurosurgeons with advanced training in headache medicine. We consider uncommon causes for your symptoms, so you receive effective care right from the start. Find out more about the types of headache and facial pain we treat.

Virtual Care

We have virtual care options available so you can see your doctor without leaving home. Find out if virtual care is right for you.
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Our headache and facial pain services

Henry Ford offers more of the services you need in one program. We perform thorough evaluations that help many patients receive a diagnosis in one visit. We develop a personalized care plan that may include medications, physical therapy and therapeutic massage. For stubborn pain, we offer a range of injections and implantable devices.

Find out more about headache and facial pain evaluation and treatment.

Our team approach to chronic headaches and facial pain

We use a team approach to treat rare and complex conditions. Headache specialists work closely with other Henry Ford doctors to help you get much-needed relief.

The team includes specialists representing:

Headache and facial pain research

True to our mission as an academic health system, we are exploring the causes of severe headaches and facial pain. Through research and clinical trials, we have established a history of innovation and made numerous contributions to the field. These efforts have helped our program earn several awards and funding from prestigious research organizations, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

When new care methods become available, Henry Ford is often among the first programs in Michigan you’ll find them. We also specialize in research that aids in diagnosing primary headache disorders and distinguishing these more serious conditions from a sinus headache. Our offerings also include national clinical trials for eligible patients.

Find out more about headache and facial pain research and innovation.

Second opinions and patient referrals

Our headache specialists welcome the opportunity to evaluate and treat patients who are new to Henry Ford.

  • Second opinions: We offer easy access and thorough evaluations to confirm a diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations. And insurance typically covers second opinions. Request an appointment.
  • Patient referrals: Our neurologists are available to discuss recommendations if you wish to continue caring for your patient. We can also take over the care of your patient and provide regular communication to keep you informed. Get more information for medical professionals.
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