Movement Disorders Evaluation & Treatment

Movement disorders bring changes to your life, but they don’t have to limit you. At Henry Ford Health, you receive comprehensive care from a highly experienced team that specializes in diagnosing and treating movement disorders. Our thorough process provides you with the highest quality care that brings you relief.

Comprehensive care for movement disorders

Our team of experts take a personalized approach to your care. That means we spend time getting to know you and listening to your concerns. We help you get answers to your health questions and provide care that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Our comprehensive care for movement disorders includes:

  • Extensive evaluation: In our thorough process, we spend up to 90 minutes with you in detailed physical and neurologic exams. With years of experience in evaluating signs and symptoms of movement disorders, we’re skilled in distinguishing among the various types to determine an accurate diagnosis. Learn more about our movement disorders team.
  • Accurate diagnosis: You receive care from a team of specialists who bring together their expertise from several disciplines of medicine. We meet regularly in team conferences to review evaluation results and diagnoses to decide on treatment. Our experts work closely together to develop treatment plans that meet your health needs and lifestyle preferences.
  • Newest nonsurgical treatments: At our center, we offer all nonsurgical treatments for movement disorders. To manage symptoms, we use nonsurgical therapies for movement disorders, such as medications, Botox® injections, rehabilitation, psychotherapy and assistive devices.
  • Advanced surgeries: For more severe symptoms, our neurosurgeons have expertise in the latest surgical procedures for deep brain stimulation and baclofen pump therapy.

Diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders

Learn more about our diagnostic tools and treatment options for each movement disorder:

Research to advance care for movement disorders

Our movement disorder specialists have pioneered breakthrough research on treatments that are now standard care. Through clinical trials, you may have access to the latest treatments for movement disorders, which aren’t widely available elsewhere. Learn more about movement disorders research and innovation.

Personalized Treatment Options

The Henry Ford team of experts specializes in a wide range of treatment options for movement disorders. Your care and treatment are our primary concern. Once we obtain a diagnosis, we tailor treatment to you specific combination of symptoms. To help you return to daily activities, we offer comprehensive care with medications, physical and occupational therapy and assistive devices.

There are a wide range of advanced treatment options that our care team will explore with you.

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