Hospital Dentistry

Learn all about our new hospital dentistry clinic, located at the cancer pavilion in Detroit.

Those who have complex medical needs may need to see a hospital dentist—or a dentist who treats patients in a hospital setting—instead of a general dentist. Hospital dentistry allows patients to be in an environment where medical and dental specialists work together to provide comprehensive care based upon someone’s unique needs.

Unfortunately, people with complex health issues often experience barriers to accessing the dental care they need. In fact, we are only one of three hospital dentistry programs in Michigan. Our dental specialists are specifically trained to treat patients with medical conditions that make treatment outside of a hospital difficult.

What health conditions often require a hospital dentist?

Our hospital dentistry program provides advanced care for patients with a variety of health concerns, including:

  • Those who are undergoing cancer treatment (especially for head and neck cancer, as chemotherapy and radiation can compromise the teeth, gums and jaw).
  • Those who are immunocompromised or undergoing an organ transplant, as transplant medication may increase the risk of oral infections.
  • Those who have hemophilia, or a blood clotting disorder that requires medication to manage bleeding before dental procedures.
  • Those who are undergoing oral trauma in the emergency department.
  • Those who have special needs and require anesthesia for dental procedures.

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We work with patients referred to us by dentists, physicians and other specialists throughout the Detroit area. Request an appointment today with one our expert hospital dentists.


Certain Health Conditions Require A Hospital Dentist. Here’s Why

Those with cancer and hemophilia are just a few of the health conditions that often require a hospital dentist. Learn how hospital dentistry works and how it benefits those with complex medical needs.

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