Miracle on Grand Boulevard

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“Essentially, I was told that if I came out of the coma, the chances were slim to none that I would be able to walk or talk again,” says Mark White, Henry Ford Hospital patient. “Shortly after, I received the nickname ‘Miracle Man'."

While White acknowledges a large part of his health is inexplicable, he commends the Henry Ford Hospital team and concludes that they are the real miracle workers. Upon arriving at Henry Ford Hospital via Med Flight, physicians shared with White’s family that he had gone into kidney and liver failure, and was beginning to go into heart failure. He also had arrived with five to seven percent brain activity, and as a result, was in a coma. White remembers driving himself to the emergency room near his hometown, and being scheduled for a heart procedure at an area hospital. His health rapidly declined while in the Emergency Department.

“Not only were the nurses and the Henry Ford Hospital team part of this incredibly emotional moment for our family, but they were one of our biggest support systems, in so many ways. I can’t tell you how important that is when you are going through a life-changing experience.” White strongly believes one of the major reasons he is able to share his story today is because of the team at Henry Ford Hospital.

“They never gave up,” he says. “It’s as simple as that – they were determined to help me, and they did. The genuine care and compassion both my family and I experienced here was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. From the medical students and the clinical care team, to those in Food Services who delivered delicious food to my bedside, and Environmental Services, who kept my room impeccably clean…everybody was so kind.” White attests he is living and walking proof of the talent, skill and determination of the team at Henry Ford Hospital. White underwent physical therapy and continues to have to his blood monitored every four weeks.

“It took my wife and I six months to get used to the mechanical valve’s ticking sound emanating from my chest. I definitely have limitations, but it’s nothing I can’t overcome,” says White. Now recovering, White has since received his license as a direct support professional to help people with developmental disabilities. The gift of life also has given White new perspective.

“I realized life is too short, so I followed a passion I always had and have now been an extra in eight movies since my time at Henry Ford. I learned not to be afraid of things. If you let your fear distract you from your dreams, you will never truly live.” White confirmed that his healthcare journey has further demonstrated that each and every individual’s actions may impact others. And for that, White is forever grateful to the staff at Henry Ford Hospital.

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