Resident Testimonials

Beebani Ganj 17

Ganj Beebani, M.D.
Class of 2021

“I am grateful for the clinical and research experience I received at Henry Ford Health. The attendings are incredible and approachable, with a wide range of interests. The education is rigorous while leaving plenty of flexibility to pursue your own interests. I was so impressed by the growth opportunities and culture of cooperation that I was thrilled to stay as a senior staff psychiatrist. I continue to be supported in growth as a clinician and researcher.”

Smith Daniel 18

Daniel Smith, D.O.
Class of 2022

“I knew from when I rotated here as a fourth-year medical student that this program was like a family. I've now been a part of this family for over 3 years, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The growth I have achieved over the course of my residency has largely been due to the environment here at Henry Ford. When residency is over, I know I'll have learned to be a caring, compassionate and competent psychiatrist.”

Katato Hala 19

Hala Katato, D.O.
Class of 2023

“Before ranking Henry Ford #1, I rotated here as a medical student and fell in love with the diverse patient pathology, the separation of units at the inpatient psychiatric hospital (by acuity and disorder class) and the emphasis on practicing evidence-based medicine. The attendings love to teach and will dissect diagnoses and treatment plans with residents and medical students until everyone comes to an understanding. The camaraderie between the residents and faculty feels unmatched at Henry Ford and it truly fosters a warm and welcoming teaching environment. As Associate Chief, I am given the opportunity to build on leadership skills which will help in my pursuit for an academic career. Because of this, I have been able to witness how the program functions behind the scenes, and I can truly say that the program is receptive to resident feedback and strives to promote positive change. This program has become like a second family to me and if I had to rank again, Henry Ford would remain #1.”

Noman Sifat 19

Sifat Noman, M.D.
Class of 2023

“HFH is an excellent program with a diverse array of educators and patients that makes for an enriching educational environment.”

Patel Shivali 19

Shivali Patel, M.D.
Class of 2023

“I've loved training at Henry Ford! At our program, residents see a wide array of psychopathology throughout all four years and therefore gain the confidence in diagnosing and managing cases of varying complexities. Faculty here are also very approachable and invested. In addition, our program leadership does a great job of fostering individual career interests and aspirations. As someone who is interested in pursuing a career as a clinician-educator, I am incredibly grateful for all the research, teaching, mentoring, and leadership opportunities that I have been afforded. Finally, we have an amazing group of residents, which always makes going to work such an enjoyable experience!”

Zina Chaker

Zina Chaker, D.O.
Class of 2024

“Grateful to be part of a diverse, compassionate, and hard-working team that puts patient care first while prioritizing resident well-being.”

Gregory Nielsen

Gregory Nielsen, D.O.
Class of 2024

“Beginning residency is a major milestone and during my intern year I also became a dad. I feel supported by my peers, attendings, and the program in general and this has allowed me to grow as a psychiatrist and also as a father. I am now a second-year resident, and I was the first of my class to start the overnight rotation at Kingswood Hospital. It was a lot of responsibility being the only on-site physician at our inpatient facility, but I felt my previous training prepared me well for the role and I really enjoyed the experience. I'm amazed how quickly residency is flying by and how much I have developed as a Henry Ford Psychiatry Resident.”

Wolfe Derek 21

Derek Wolfe, M.D.
Class of 2025

“I am excited to train with Henry Ford Psychiatry because of the close-knit community. Here, I know I'll be challenged but also supported by my co-residents and attendings as my Psychiatry career unfolds.”

Rebecca Goldstein, M.D.
Class of 2026

“I'm so grateful to be at Henry Ford for my residency training! Everyone I have met is so supportive, collegial, and fun to work with. It truly does feel like we are part of one big family in the Psychiatry program. Additionally, the experience we get at Henry Ford is excellent, especially given the diversity of the patient population and the array of disorders that we see.”

Camilo Guzman, M.D.
Class of 2026

“As a 3rd-year medical student, it didn't take long for me to realize that Henry Ford is special. I consistently interacted with great medical professionals of various backgrounds who loved teaching and who were committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered care. The psychiatry department was no exception, and it had a noteworthy emphasis on physician wellness and work-life balance. We become adept at treating patients with severe physical and psychiatric morbidities, but our schedules provide ample time for leisure and outside interests. I could not be more thrilled to pursue such an exciting specialty at such a great institution!”

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