Information on Vaccines


Children come in contact with germs from many places, including you, other adults, siblings, places outside the home, within the home and other children. Immunizations help protect infants, children, and teens against many infections that can cause serious or life-threatening illnesses or disabilities.

Vaccine information statements

More information about each vaccine can be found on the Vaccine Information Statement for that vaccine. Your health care provider has directed you to this web-page so that you can look at one, or more, of the Vaccine Information Statements listed below. Each Vaccine Information Statement explains the benefits and risks of a vaccine. Please review the Vaccine Information Statements for the immunizations your child will be receiving. Your healthcare provider can answer any questions you have about these immunizations.

Use the links below to review the specific Vaccine Information Statement for any vaccines you want to review.

Vaccine Information Statements are also available in many other languages. Translations, and the English versions, are available on the State of Michigan's website.

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