Hearing Aids & Other Devices

Hearing loss is a widespread problem that affects an estimated 48 million Americans. Fortunately, 9 out of 10 people with hearing loss can benefit from wearing hearing aids and other devices. Studies indicate that at least 70% of users are satisfied with their hearing aids and would recommend them to others in need. Your audiologist can discuss the options best suited to your particular type and degree of hearing loss.

Using hearing technology to improve your life

Henry Ford’s 5-step process ensures you will receive the solution that best meets your hearing needs. Our unique non-profit approach sets us apart because to us, it’s not about dispensing products –it’s about reconnecting you to your world.

Diagnostic evaluation and explanation

We will diagnose your current hearing health and explain the results. If needed, you will see one of our ear, nose, and throat specialists to determine if there are medical causes or treatments for your hearing loss. Lifestyle assessment and hearing solution recommendations We will learn about your lifestyle and how you connect with your world. We want to understand how you communicate today and how you wish to communicate tomorrow and find a solution that bridges this gap.

Hearing solution fitting

We will schedule a hearing device fitting appointment where you will learn how to use your technology to ensure the best possible hearing.

Ongoing patient support and satisfaction

We are committed to the satisfaction of every patient by providing you with excellent care and ongoing support for the duration of your treatment plan.

Your hearing solution doesn’t end when we fit you with your new technology.

Our audiologists are available for adjustments to ensure your new hearing devices are functioning properly for the duration of your treatment. Speech comprehension and hearing treatment is an ongoing process. You will work side-by-side with your audiologist to find solutions to situations that cause frustration. Today’s technology provides for flexibility in programming, allowing us to adapt the technology to your changing lifestyle demands.

Your audiologist may recommend a treatment plan to help you adjust to your new technology and manage the effects of hearing loss. Combining a treatment plan with new hearing technology provides the greatest level of success in reconnecting you to your world.

Additionally, proper maintenance of your new hearing technology is vital. We recommend you visit our office to have your hearing technology cleaned and checked every 6 months.

We understand what it means for you to be able to reconnect with your family, friends, and community and are passionate about creating solutions matched specifically to your individual hearing needs.

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