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At Henry Ford, we make it easy for you to live a heart healthy lifestyle. We offer comprehensive programs and tools to help you know your heart disease risks and how to manage them.

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Virtual Weight Management Info Session

Our new virtual weight management program provides guidance as you work towards your goals to become a healthier you. This video is the first step before beginning our 100% virtual program where Dr. Dennis Kerrigan explains the program details and how to schedule a virtual appointment with one of our dietitians.

Heart disease prevention in southeast Michigan

Taking care of your heart can help reduce your risk for life threatening complications such as stroke. Our heart disease prevention programs include:

Prevention thru exercise and education (PREVENT) program

An active lifestyle that includes regular exercise can strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system. If you’ve never exercised, or you are worried about exercising with a heart condition, we’re here to help. The PREVENT program offers personalized exercise programs in a safe and supportive environment.

The PREVENT Program includes:

  • A personal fitness assessment by one of our exercise physiologists
  • An individualized exercise program
  • Access to group exercise classes (chair aerobics, yoga, etc.) and nutrition classes
  • Education on ways to make healthy lifestyle changes

At Henry Ford, we know that starting a new exercise program can be challenging. That’s why our experts are always on hand, offering encouragement and support. We also provide monthly summaries of your blood pressure and weight loss progress. We also encourage you to participate in membership challenges and contests.

Learn more about how the Henry Ford PREVENT program can help you manage your health by calling 313-972-1919.

Weight management program

Living an active lifestyle and eating the right foods can help you maintain a heart healthy weight. Our weight management program can help you learn how to break old habits that may be getting in your way. Our weight management specialists work one on one with you to develop a program tailored to meet your needs and goals.

The Henry Ford Weight Management program includes:

  • Nutrition guidance from registered dietitians
  • A personalized exercise plan
  • Online support programs
  • Long-term maintenance strategies

Successful weight management doesn’t happen overnight. When you join the Henry Ford Weight Management Program, expect to make at least a four-month commitment. This way, we can help you set realistic goals. Before enrolling in the program, you will need a signed referral from your doctor.

Learn more about all of the weight loss options at Henry Ford. For more information, contact us at 1-313-972-1919.

The first step for you to join our program will be to watch a Weight Management Information Session before making a virtual dietitian appointment.

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