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Haejin Kim MDHaejin Kim, M.D.

According to Haejin Kim, M.D., an Allergy and Immunology physician at Henry Ford Health who is co-leading the Food Allergy Registry project, “While we don’t have all the answers yet, we are working to understand more about why some children develop food allergies and others do not. From other projects, we have identified some things children with food allergy have in common, which we call ‘risk factors.’ We are excited about the Food Allergy Registry because it is the first time our Henry Ford Health patients can become part of a database of information we can use to learn more about the condition."

Christine Joseph PhDChristine Joseph, Ph.D.

"Food allergy in children increased by 50 percent between 1997 and 2011,” said Christine Joseph, Ph.D., a Senior Epidemiologist in the Department of Public Health Sciences who is one of the researchers leading the effort to build the Food Allergy Registry. “We know food allergies affect your entire family, and many children go on to develop other health conditions such as asthma as they grow older. This registry will help us answer crucial research questions which may lead to important discoveries.”

Cheryl Miree, M.S.

Cheryl Miree is an epidemiologist in the Public Health Sciences department at Henry Ford Health. As the project manager for the Food Allergy Registry, she is the first contact for families who have questions about participating. “I enjoy talking with parents and family members about food allergies and helping them become part of the registry,” she says. “In addition to my professional role with the registry, I have a personal interest in this project. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a shellfish allergy and since then, I have learned how to minimize my risk and manage allergic reactions. I understand the changes many families need to make to be sure their child with food allergies is healthy and safe.



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