Cancer Research

cancer researcher looking in microscope Just as patient care is at the heart of our cancer treatment, our cancer research revolves around the same passion for our patients. Our cancer researchers apply their findings to clinical practice quickly, resulting in new, effective patient treatments. Here, our research has implications for patients today as well as tomorrow. 

Our cancer research program stands out for our:

  • Robust resources: Our researchers have access to outstanding resources. We host the world’s second-largest brain tumor bank, as well as a significant biorepository for precision medicine. Learn more about our cancer research cores and shared resources.
  • Precision medicine and genetic research: We’ve invested in a robust research effort to test gene-sequencing chains, molecular biomarkers and the function of stem cells. These efforts offer more opportunities to tailor treatment to patients’ individual characteristics. Our gene therapy research is unique in the nation. Read more about precision medicine.
  • cancer researcher freezing brain tumor samplesAccess to clinical trials: At Henry Ford Health, we offer more than 200 clinical trials at any given time – more than most leading oncology hospitals. Find out more about our clinical trials.
  • Research funding: We rank 17th among U.S. independent hospitals in the United States in funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In 2018, our cancer researchers received over $25 million in external grants and contracts, with about $5 million in funding coming from the National Cancer Institute.
  • Well-respected researchers: Our top-notch researchers are noted in their fields, in all aspects of cancer. Researchers have been published in top journals, because their work is discovering answers to questions that have important implications for the future of cancer care.
  • Research among diverse populations: We’re making an impact in understanding cancer risk factors and outcomes across diverse populations, with a focus on understanding cancer risk and progression in African Americans. In particular, we have researchers that do cancer health disparity research in breast and prostate cancer.
  • Translating research findings in patient care: We have a long-standing gene-therapy program in prostate cancer, and current NCI-funded R01 research that includes aspects of drug delivery, imaging the tumor environment and the molecular features of glioma.

New developments in cancer research

Cancer research at Henry Ford Health is growing, with exciting new programs. We’re thrilled ot expand our focus on genetic research and other efforts with initiatives including:

  • cancer researcher with lab vilesPrecision medicine: Henry Ford Health has committed to invest $25 million over five years in precision medicine. We’re leading a seven-state research consortium to expand the geographic reach and diversity of the NIH’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Cohort Program. This landmark research effort aims to advance personalized health care by studying how individual differences in lifestyle, environment and genetics influence a person’s health and disease risk. Learn more about precision medicine.
  • Actively recruiting researchers: Some of our programs are actively recruiting researchers. Learn more about how to join our research team.



About the Henry Ford Cancer

We have one of the largest cancer programs in Michigan. We care for more than 14,000 cancer patients every year and have treated people from every state in the U.S. and every continent in the world.

We provide care at five hospitals and six outpatient treatment facilities throughout southeast Michigan. Our extensive cancer research is anchored at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, where we also care for the most complex cancers.

Find out more about the Henry Ford Cancer Institute.


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