Residency Scholarly Activity Guidelines


ACGME rules require the following for General surgery resident’s requirements.

The curriculum must advance residents knowledge of the basic principles of research including how research is conducted, evaluated, explained to patients, and applied to patient care.
Residents should participate in scholarly activity. The sponsoring institution and program should allocate adequate educational resources to facilitate resident involvement in scholarly activities.

While ACGME mandates scholarly activity, it does not specify what activities qualify as scholarly. This allows residency programs to tailor the scholarly project to the interests of each resident. In parallel with our department’s mission we want to provide our residents with a valuable scholarly project experience. The following guide lines has been created by the research committee and has been edited by the chair and the residency director.

The four components of scholarship includes: Discovery Integration, application ,and teaching.

Scholarly activity point system

Given that so many diverse activities can be considered scholarly activity, each activity will be assigned points .This point system will insure all residents are treated equally by accounting for the fact that different projects will likely require varying amounts of a residents time and effort. Projects with multiple residents participating will likely have the points divided up depending on the amount of work involved.

Type of Scholarly Activity
IRB approval project completed with manuscript submitted to a peer- reviewed journal >10
Submission of a manuscript describing a case series systematic review, or meta- analysis >10
Presentation of a poster or oral presentation at a regional, national, or international conference 5
Publication of a book chapter or a section 10
Quality improvement project completed and results shared with peers 7
Initiation of IRB-  approved or QI project but project still ongoing at time of graduation  8-10
Submission of a grant for intramural or extramural funding(with IRB approval)  10
Creation  of an online teaching tool  5
Submission  to peer-reviewed journal or national conference of a series of interesting cases 
Publication for the lay public, such as newspaper articles, on medical topics 



Participation on a national committee  5
Critically appraised topic write-up and submission to journal  5


Mandatory minimum for completion of your required scholarly activity

  • Earn at least 10 points based on the above point system
  • Attend 1 research meeting per year
  • Present scholarly work at departmental research day
  • Time line for completion of scholarly project. Choose your deadline for project completion

Intern year

  • Identify area of research and identify potential faculty member with similar area of interest
  • Completion of Quality Improvement project and curriculum

Second year

  • Brainstorm project ideas and narrow the project focus. Set a dead line for each step of your project via retrograde planning. Submit project idea form.
  • Present scholarly activity protocol at the research meeting for approval
  • Work out project kinks and initiate project

Third year

  • Finish project
  • Document results
  • Present scholarly work
Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (800) 436-7936.

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