Didactics in Family Medicine

Continued learning is critical to any resident training program. At HFM FMRP, instructional learning is delivered in two forms: weekly didactic sessions and monthly Michigan State University Statewide Campus System (SCS) conferences.

Didactic sessions are organized based on different systems each month and are resident-lead. Weekly sessions focus on physical exam, practice guidelines, current therapies and pharmacology. Didactic sessions also include attending lectures, guest lectures by various specialists, hands-on OMT and procedural workshops, journal review, and board review.

SCS conferences are organized by Michigan State University and involves the participation of all family medicine programs in the SCS. Conferences are composed of both lecture and hands-on workshops that allows residents to practice various skills, including: dermatology procedures, gynecology procedures, OMT, joint injections, Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics, Pediatric Life Support.

resident group in class room 
resident gorup learning

Scholarly Activity

scholarly activityResidents are supported by faculty to complete 2 scholarly activities prior to graduating. Examples of scholarly activity includes: case reports, quality improvement projects, or clinical research projects. Residents are encouraged to develop projects in areas of personal interest. Faculty are available to help guide residents in both the development and implementation process. Residents also have access to full library staff support through the Henry Ford Health Sladen Library. Residents are subsequently encouraged to present their scholarly work at local and national conferences.

Information for Applicants
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