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Henry Ford’s outreach journey began in 2013 when our RAD-AID chapter was founded by residents, faculty, and technologists who were interested in improving access to radiological services in developing countries. Our mission mirrors that of RAD-AID International, in that we aim to foster sustainable imaging efforts in underserved communities through education and collaboration. Membership is open to anyone within Henry Ford Health. Below you will find brief descriptions of a few of our projects and collaborations. If you would like more information, please contact our chapter president, Dr. Karyn Ledbetter.


  • Since 2021, Henry Ford Health has been the chapter sponsor of RAD-AID Laos, which is centered at Lao Friends Hospital for Children (LFHC) in Luang Prabang.
    • Virtually, we provide pediatric imaging lectures/webinars and case consultations using Ambra cloud-based PACS.
    • In country, we provide daily hands-on education focused on radiograph, ultrasound and fluoroscopy. More recently, we have begun teaching basic CT interpretation and ultrasound-guided procedures.
  • Our chapter has also partnered with RAD-AID Nicaragua, RAD-AID Peru, RAD-AID Kenya, and RAD-AID Grenada with work in ultrasound, breast imaging, pediatric/fetal imaging, and physics support.
  • We have recently begun partnership with RAD-AID Guyana and look forward to building virtual and in-country relationships between our residency programs. 

Kenya Relief

  • Henry Ford Health radiology outreach has been in partnership with Kenya Relief since 2017. Although a well-established organization with extensive contributions to the community of Migori, Kenya Relief’s Brase Clinic lacked radiological services.
  • Since forging our relationship, our chapter has been onsite at the Brase Clinic annually since 2018 (except in 2020). Across our visits, nearly 1000 patients have had ultrasounds they otherwise would have gone without, which allowed for quicker and safer surgeries.
  • Our most recent trips have included radiologists and sonographers working as part of a breast cancer screening team, where imaging, ultrasound-guided biopsy and eventually breast surgery were performed in this underserved region that previously had zero access to breast cancer screening.


  • We are thrilled to now have a dedicated IR outreach opportunity for our residents and fellows. Dr. Xhorlina Marko, who joined HFH in early 2024, has traveled to Tanzania with Road2IR in the past and is excited to continue this commitment.

Ultrasound Training Sessions

  • In an effort to properly equip our members with all of the skills necessary to educate partners abroad, we have established a formal ultrasound training curriculum led by experienced sonographers. Throughout the course of these sessions, residents develop a strong foundation in basic image acquisition and optimization. In addition to becoming competent in performing routine ultrasound examinations, residents also learn how to troubleshoot and improvise, skills that are critical when working in underserved areas.


Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (800) 436-7936.

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