Psychology Training Programs

The Department of Psychiatry at Henry Ford offers a Doctoral Internship program and Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Clinical Neuropsychology and Health Psychology.

The internship program was first established in 1979 and was accredited by the American Psychological Association in 1983. The Neuropsychology Fellowship has been offered for over 25 years and the Health Psychology Fellowship for over 20 years.


We apply psychological science and methods to the provision of health services for our patients, share and encourage the use of such science and methods by others in the health care community, and participate in the development of that science and those methods.


We provide clinical as well as programmatic leadership and innovation so that others regard us as the experts in the scientific understanding of human behavior and the application of that knowledge to the clinical enterprise.


Scholarship is the hallmark of psychology and is to be cultivated in all that we do. Our approach to diagnosis and treatment must show a scholarly and empirical tradition. This approach requires openness to new ideas, flexibility yet critical thinking, and creativity.

Patients are to be treated with scientifically disciplined competence and compassion. Trainees are developing professionals and must receive the respect, acceptance and support they need.

While training programs must be fiscally responsible, trainees are not primarily a labor pool. Workloads must be guided by training needs.

Teaching and supervision are privileges to be cherished and require a responsible and dedicated approach to the supervisory process.


Graduates will have strong diagnostic, intervention planning and treatment skills. They will develop competence in diagnostic procedures, case conceptualization, and treatment planning based on an empirical tradition as applied within the context of the realities of modern health care and with sensitivity to the individual and cultural needs of their patients.

They will develop an understanding of health care systems and how those systems can be organized, financed and assessed. They will develop some familiarity with practice guidelines and how they can advance and hamper patient care. They will have an increased sense of their own professional goals and how their needs fit in with current opportunities.

They will be prepared for advanced training, licensure, Board examination, and/or professional or academic work as would be appropriate for the particular program.

Psychology Internship Training Director and Health Psychology Fellowship Director:

Lisa R. Matero, PhD, ABPP
Henry Ford Health
1 Ford Place, 1C
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 874-6611

Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (800) 436-7936.

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