Acute Care Rehabilitation Recognition


  • 2023 APTA Acute Care Academy’s Mary Sinnott Award for Clinical Excellence: Adele Myszenski, PT, DPT

  • 2023 Quality Expo Winner: Why Not Home? (WNH) Program Reduces SNF Discharges. Rob Behrendt, RN, BSN, Susan Craft, MSA, BSN, Adele Myszenski, PT, DPT. The Quality Expo competition winners (
  • 2023 APTA Michigan Research and Education Institute’s Large Grant Award: Jessica Gibson, DPT.

  • 2022 HFHS Quality Expo Winner. The Impact of Acute Care Physical and Occupational Therapy Delivery Models on Discharge to Skilled Nursing Facility. "Project #47: The Impact of Acute Care Physical and Occupational Therap" by Adele Myszenski, Jennifer Trimpe et al.
  • 2021 APTA Journal of Acute Care Physical Therapy Best Manuscript Award: Adele Myszenski, Barbara Michon, Danielle Lupcke, Cynthia Melican, Narmean Pedawi, Nazir Ahmed, Janet Fredal Wyman. Acute Care Physical and Occupational Therapy Early Intervention Pathway After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: A Retrospective Study 
  • 2020 Henry Ford Health Quality Expo Winner Safety and Quality: Early rehabilitation program expands across Henry Ford Health; improving patient outcomes through use of standardized implementation protocol
    • Henry Ford recently hosted its annual Quality Expo – a platform for team members to showcase and be recognized for their work that leads to improved quality, safety and performance, as well as new clinical innovations and best practices.
    • Team members from across the System submitted 123 project proposals for initiatives they carried out in 2019.
    • Of the submissions, 28 projects were chosen to be a part of Quality Expo. At the competition, nearly 50 judges, with a strong background in quality management, recognized one team in each of the six competition categories: safety and quality, value and cost, employee engagement, equity and community benefit, growth and customer experience.
    • The competition took place at Henry Ford Hospital and the winning teams were given special recognition at the annual all leader meeting, which took place Feb. 18, 2020.
  • 2019 Henry Ford Health Quality Expo Winner: MICU Early Rehab Expansion Reduces LOS, Vent Days, Health Care Costs
    • Quality Expo Category: Safety / Quality; Customer Experience; Equity / Community Benefit; Aims: Decrease length of stay (LOS) in MICU, decreased LOS in hospital, Reduce average number of ventilator days, Maintain or reduce average variable direct costs per patient, Align MICU with evidence based practice for early rehab interventions.
    • Financial Impact: Average Variable Direct Costs: $1,371 lower per patient, Top 20 DRGs (60% of cases): 760 lower per patient; Estimated Savings of $456,760 - $823,971.
    • Primary Team members: Romina Bello, DPT, Kara Luplow, OTR, Justine Kenyon, MS, OTR, Tiji Sebastian, PT, DPT, Adele Myszenski, MPT
  • Adele2019 Crain's Detroit Business Health Care Hero, Adele Myszenski
    • Every year, Crain's Detroit Business honors healthcare professionals who have proven to be heroes through their everyday work. In 2019, Adele Myszenski, PT, MPT, was selected as one of Crain's 2019 Health Care Heroes.
    • A physical therapist and rehabilitation services supervisor, Myszenski had an idea to try something new at HFH. Working as a therapist for 18 years, she is familiar with muscles and the body. Myszenski knew that waiting too long to work with a patient means limited mobility and weak muscles. As a result, the hospital implemented a pilot program on a single 12-bed unit that gave the rehabilitation team access to patients sooner and with great results.
    • The program has since grown and is now known as the Early Rehab Initiative. The program allows therapists to see patients within 12 to 24 hours after being classified as stable. The program has spread to other hospitals within the system and it involves 11,000 patients. With the growing program, Myszenski says, "Patients have thrived."
    • For more information about Crain's Health Care Heroes, visit the Crain's Detroit Business website.
  • 2019 Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Engagement, Honorable Mention, MICU Early Rehab Program, conferred by Taylor Healthcare and the IHI Lucian Leape Institute on behalf of
  • 2017 Michigan Physical Therapy Association Outstanding Physical Therapist Award, Romina Bello 
  • RominaHenry Ford Hospital acute care physical therapist Romina Bello, PT, DPT was honored with the Michigan Physical Therapy Association Outstanding Clinician PT Award for her leadership in the Critical Care Early Rehab Program, extensive experience in the industry, and mentorship of colleagues. Bello was nominated by her supervisor, Adele Myzenski, MPT and colleague Cindy Melican.
    The Critical Care Early Rehab Program began in July 2015 as a pilot program in the Medical Intensive Care Unit, offering physical and occupational therapy to patients during their critical care stay. Because of early success, the program became permanent in November 2016. Since the program's inception, patient outcomes have significantly improved, while the number of days patients are on ventilators and their length of stay has declined.
  • In 2016, Bello was honored in the "Timely" category at Henry Ford's Quality Expo, with a first place award for the critical care rehab project.
  • 2016 Henry Ford Health Quality Expo winner, TIMELY category: MICU Early Rehab Intervention Program reduces LOS, vent days & health care costs

  • 2007 Focus on People Award, Henry Ford Health “HFH Falls and Pressure Ulcer Prevention: The six P’s team” (Myszenski)


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