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Continuing Education Courses

Check back for additional Continuing Education Opportunities in the near future. All funds collected are utilized for the development of acute care OT & PT education and research.

Clinical Competency Resources

Since 1996, HFH has developed and revised multiple competencies for evidence-based practice in the acute care setting. Competencies include: Clinical Competency Practical check off – entry level, Acute Functional Measure Scale (AFMS), Lab Values and Vital Signs, Comprehensive Stroke Unit, Ventricular Assist Devices, Critical Care – Non-Ventilated Patients, Critical Care – Ventilated Patients, Neonatal ICU.
In addition to recorded webinar materials (see above), we offer resources for the following competencies:

Full Licensing Packages for Clinical Competencies

Full Licensing Packages include:

  • Education materials (webinar; manual; quick reference guides)
  • Online quiz and evaluation forms administered by HF Rehab.
  • Weekly updates for leaders

To inquire about licensing full competency packages including educational materials, quizzes, and evaluation forms, please contact us at

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Information for Applicants
Interested in applying to one of our programs, call (800) 436-7936.

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