Medicines for My Lungs

Medicine in your lungsYou may be taking medicine by an inhaler or nebulizer. These medicines are inhaled right into your lungs. Here are some key points you need to know before you leave the doctor’s office, pharmacy or hospital:

  • Which inhaler or solution you should use at home
  • How to use your inhaler or solution
  • Which inhaler or solution is your CONTROLLER and which one is your RESCUE therapy
  • If your inhaler needs to be primed
  • When you should you call for a refill
  • How to store your inhaler or solution
  • If you are on two different nebulizer solutions, know which one you should use first or if they can be combined
  • What your Asthma Action Plan or COPD Action Plan is

Ask your pharmacist:

  • How to use your inhaler properly
  • How to read the counter on your inhaler
  • If there is a way for your inhaler(s) or nebulizer solution to cost you less
  • If there is a way to enroll in automatic refills for your inhalers
  • Talk to your Henry Ford Pharmacist (877) 575-6337.

Tell your doctor if your nebulizer machine does not work properly.

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