Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Records

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about medical records.

Can I view my medical history online?

You can sign up for Henry Ford MyChart which allows you to review your medical history (lab, test results, current immunizations, preventive care and medical/surgical history) on a secure line, free to use and available 24 hours per day.

How do I request a copy of my Medical Records?

Beginning April 29, 2020 Henry Ford Health MyChart offers a free and secure on-line access for patients to receive their Epic medical records. The requested records will be uploaded to the patients MyChart account.

If you do not have a MyChart account, you can create one by clicking the sign-up link below. Once you created a MyChart account you then can receive copies of your Epic medical records.

Sign up for MyChart

Under HIPAA, the federal law regarding medical information storage and access, you can request copies of your full medical records from all of your healthcare providers. 

Print and complete the Patient Information Release Authorization. This form must be signed and dated.

What records can be uploaded to MyChart?

Most records that are available in Epic can be uploaded to your MyChart. Any records prior to Epic, you will need to request from Health Information Management.

What records are automatically available in MyChart?

Your Test Results, Medications, provider notes and After Visit Summary, are automatically available to you in MyChart.. 

What if I want copies of my entire Epic Medical Record?

To request your entire Epic Medical Record, you will need to fill out the Medical Records Authorization form and return to Health Information Management.

Where do I view my records in MyChart once they are uploaded?

You will see a notification, on the MyChart welcome page, stating that your record is available for download.

  1. You can click Health, and click, Document Center.
  2. In the Document Center, click the Requested Records option.
  3. You should be able to identify your record, by the requested date.
  4. To view your document, Click Download.
  5. Then, open the document in your web browser.
  6. You can preview the document. Then, print or download an electronic copy, right from your web browser.

Who may sign the Patient Information Release Authorization?

The patient, the patient's legal guardian, the parent of a minor patient or the personal representative of a deceased patient may sign.

If the patient is not signing, a copy of the Letters of Authority as Legal Guardian, Medical Power of Attorney, or Personal Representative must accompany the form. The form must be completed in full. 

How do I obtain copies of my records?

  • Option #1 – MyChart Request Release of My Medical Records to MyChart form
  • Option #2 - Complete the Medical Records Online Request found on the Henry Ford website
  • Option #3 - Complete the paper authorization form and email, mail, or fax to the Health Information Management Department.
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