Frequently Asked Questions About Care Everywhere

How does Care Everywhere benefit me as a patient?

Care Everywhere allows doctors and nurses to access your electronic medical record from other doctors and hospitals quickly and securely during emergency situations. Care Everywhere also allows your doctor to request and view your records during a scheduled office visit. This saves you time and improves the continuity of care.

What information from my medical record is shared?

All of your clinical information is shared. Only x-rays or other radiology images you have had done are not shared.

What gives them the right to request this information?

Care Everywhere can only be used during a visit to facilitate your care which improves the quality of service that your clinical team is providing you. This is called “Continuity of Care”. Care Everywhere cannot be used to request your records “just to have.” All requests are monitored and can be audited to ensure your records are being used to benefit you as the patient.

Does this cost me anything to participate?

No, there is no fee to the patient for this service. Care Everywhere is a free service provided to help improve the quality of care that you are receiving here at Henry Ford Health and also at other organizations.

What other organizations can you share my electronic records with?

Henry Ford Health can share your records with most organizations using Epic. Get a complete list of those organizations we can share with.

Additionally, Henry Ford Health can share with organizations that are using a HISP (Health Information Systems Program). In Michigan, GLHC (Great Lakes Health Connect) is the HISP connecting Private Practice offices with other healthcare organizations.

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