Voice and Larynx Care

Keeping your voice and throat healthy is our number one priority. Our expert team works together to provide the most advanced voice and larynx care.

Vocal professionals count on Henry Ford
The Henry Ford Center for the Performing Artist is one-of-a-kind in Michigan and one of the longest running programs in the United States, working with both professional and amateur performers.
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Speaking, breathing and swallowing should come naturally. You probably don’t even think about doing them, until suddenly one of these basic functions becomes difficult.

We understand the challenges of dealing with voice, swallowing or breathing problems. The experts at Henry Ford Health have specialized training to help them diagnose and treat all types of voice and larynx disorders.

When should I see a voice and larynx specialist?

Overusing your voice can lead to vocal cord disorders or related conditions. People who use their voice for a living, such as singers or actors, are more prone to voice disorders. Other activities that can damage your voice include yelling, chronic coughing or smoking

You should see a voice and larynx specialist if you experience symptoms lasting longer than two weeks, such as:

  • Changes to the sound, volume or quality of your voice
  • Hoarseness
  • Loss of voice (laryngitis)
  • Difficulty swallowing or breathing
  • Persistent cough

Voice and larynx care: Why choose Henry Ford?

When you come to Henry Ford for diagnosis and treatment of a voice, swallowing or airway disorder, you can expect:

  • Expertise: Our laryngologists specialize in treating voice, swallowing and airway disorders. Our doctors are fellowship trained, with additional years of experience in these complex specialties.
  • Team-based care: Our voice and larynx care team includes specialists from a variety of disciplines. ENTs, speech pathologists, pulmonologists and gastroenterologists work together to provide comprehensive treatment for each patient.
  • Advanced therapies: We are the leader for voice and larynx care in southeast and central Michigan. Our specialists provide the latest and most effective treatments to help you recover quickly.
  • Convenient locations: Our voice and larynx specialists see patients in four convenient locations in and around Detroit. That means you never have to go far to access the area’s best care.

Take the next step

If you need a specialist’s care to treat voice or larynx disorders, we are here to help. Request an appointment today with one of our voice and larynx experts.

Voice and Larynx Care Locations


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