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Stories of Living Donation

Some of our favorite stories are those of living organ donation. When a living donor offers a kidney or a portion of their liver, both donor and recipient are the in the healthiest possible condition. Chances for success are at their best, and the “win” is twofold – Someone in need gets a lifesaving transplant, and a person is removed from the waiting list for a deceased-donor organ.

We present the following stories of living donation with the hope that you’ll find them informational and inspiring. If you have any questions, or if you’re interested in learning more, contact our Center for Living Donation.

Liver Recipient David Galbenski

Liver Transplant Recipient David Galbenski

When Dave Galbenski’s rare autoimmune disease advanced and he needed a liver transplant, his brother-in-law, Mark Dybis, didn’t hesitate to be the living donor.

Liver Donor Mark Dybis

Liver Transplant Donor Mark Dybis

When Mark heard his brother-in-law Dave’s rare liver disease had advanced to the point where he required a liver transplant, he became Dave’s living donor.

Kidney Recipient Kimberly Valacak

Kidney Transplant Recipient Kimberly Valacak

After lifelong kidney issues, Kimberly needed a kidney transplant to treat her Alport’s syndrome. Her daughter, Alana, volunteered to be a living donor.

Liver Donor Alana

Kidney Transplant Donor Alana Valacak

After her mom’s lifelong kidney issues prompted the need for a pre-emptive kidney transplant, Alana volunteered to be a living donor. She was a match.

Kidney Transplant Recipient Kathy Regalado

After a long journey, Kathy Regalado of Adrian underwent a kidney transplant to address her Stage 5 kidney failure. Her living donor was a selfless stranger.

Living Donor Transplant Patient Jacqueline

Kidney Transplant Donor Jacqueline Alcorta

Jacqueline Alcorta responded to a social media post for a stranger who needed a kidney, ultimately becoming a living donor and undergoing a kidney transplant.

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