Transplant Living Community

Nobody understands the transplant process better than someone who has lived through it. The Transplant Living Community (TLC) is a volunteer program that connects those awaiting a transplant with former recipients, caregivers and living organ donors.

TLC is a program created by patients for patients. Our volunteer ambassadors provide support and educational tools to you and your loved ones.

TLC: Helping transplant patients play their ACES

A central goal of TLC is to help transplant recipients enjoy long and healthy lives following transplantation. To achieve this, TLC’s volunteer ambassadors provide you with tools to “Play Your ACES.”

ACES stands for:

  • Attitude: Motivational tools help transplant candidates and transplant recipients maintain positive attitudes.
  • Compliance: Educational resources underscore the importance of following doctor recommendations and taking medications as prescribed.
  • Exercise: Guidelines for physical activity encourage patients to include exercise such as walking into a healthy lifestyle.
  • Support: TLC volunteers help patients establish and tap into a network of family, friends and caregivers who can help them through the transplant process and beyond.

Speak with a TLC ambassador

Our TLC volunteer ambassadors are here to help families navigate the transplant process.

Reach a TLC ambassador by email at

TLC Ambassadors are transplant recipients who provide patient and family lifestyle education pre- and post-transplant. It is our goal to do all we can to support your healthy transplant lifestyle!

Learn further information about the TLC volunteer program or apply to be a volunteer.

The Transplant Living Community does not engage in the practice of medicine and under no circumstances, recommends particular treatments for specific individuals. In all cases the TLC recommends that you consult your physician before pursuing any course of treatment or action concerning your personal medical care.


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