Fertility Preservation for Testicular Cancer

Treatment options for patients who hope to have children after a testicular cancer diagnosis.

We understand that preserving your fertility during testicular cancer treatment may be a concern. Our testicular cancer team includes men’s health and reproductive medicine specialists who offer the most current fertility preservation options.

Fertility consultations with our experts can be scheduled within 24 hours. Our specialists will explain the risks and benefits of any proposed testicular cancer treatments, as well as available fertility preservation procedures.

How does testicular cancer treatment affect fertility?

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can damage the DNA in sperm. This can cause miscarriages and serious abnormalities in the baby. In many cases, the therapy may cause infertility. Surgery also can affect fertility.

What types of fertility preservation options are available to testicular cancer patients?

We offer several options to help preserve your fertility if you are concerned about having children after testicular cancer treatment, including:

  • Radiation shielding: This technique involves using a lead shield to protect one or both testicles from the scattering X-rays during radiation treatment. After treatment, unprotected sexual activity should be avoided for a period of time.
  • Sperm banking: This option involves collecting semen by masturbation, by help from a partner’s stimulation, or by a vibratory stimulation device. Semen is taken to a sperm bank within one hour. A sperm cell count will be taken and the percentage of normal-shaped sperm and sperm that are able to swim will be estimated. Then the cells are frozen and stored.

Learn more about available fertility preservation options before cancer treatment.


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