Single-Incision Gallbladder Removal

Gallbladder disease is a common ailment mostly affecting adults. The gallbladder is the pear-shaped organ under the liver that is responsible in helping your body during digestion by storing bile and secreting it into the small intestine when food enters.

Gallbladder disease includes:

  • Gallstones Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Obstruction or blockage of the gallbladder such as gallstones (solid matter that builds up inside the gallbladder)

Treatment for gallbladder disease

Treatment for gallbladder disease may include lifestyle changes, medication, or gall bladder removal surgery (cholecystectomy).

Traditional or open gallbladder surgery usually requires a longer recovery period and causes more pain.

At Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, our surgeons use the da Vinci robotic procedure and we are the only gallbladder surgeons Downriver to use this advanced technology. The da Vinci technology allows our gallbladder surgeons to perform a more precise surgery through a single one-inch incision.

The benefits of using the da Vinci method for surgery include:

  • High patient satisfaction
  • Low blood loss
  • Quick recovery
  • Reduced hospital stay
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