Henry Ford Health brings world-class athletic training to your doorstep. We provide customized sports performance plans for athletes of any skill level, in any sport. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or simply want to reach your peak strength and conditioning, our team is here to help you meet your goals.

Fitness training: Why choose Henry Ford?

At our unique athletic training program, you’ll find:

  • Innovative technology: We bring all the latest sports performance testing and training technology under one roof. You have access to elite-level equipment, such as an instrumented treadmill, biomechanics labs, 3D motion analysis and the only speedzone® speed and agility training system in the nation.
  • Individualized care: We tailor every training program to your unique needs and abilities, from testing through recovery. Our trainers take the time to evaluate your overall health and build sport-specific performance plans that deliver results. We offer basketball, golf, running and baseball training, in addition to many other types of activities.
  • Experienced team: Henry Ford athletic trainers stay up to date on the latest approaches to performance training. Our team has certifications in key specialty areas, including instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, endurance training and tactical strength and conditioning.

Sports performance training

Your sports performance training program takes place at our innovative Center for Athletic Medicine. It begins with a comprehensive, one-on-one consultation with a certified athletic trainer. We gather detailed information about your health, including your injury history, sleep patterns, stress levels and diet. This information helps us target any issues that could be affecting your wellness and athletic performance.

Next, we guide you through extensive performance testing that includes:

  • Movement screening: We evaluate your musculoskeletal health, checking your range of motion, posture, balance and muscle strength. We identify movement patterns or asymmetries that may affect your sports performance or put you at risk for injuries.
  • Biomechanics assessment: We use state-of-the-art testing tools to assess power, force and other fundamentals. Athletes use two performance labs featuring 3D motion-capture cameras, a force-plated floor and an instrumented treadmill for gait analysis.
  • Speed and agility testing: We use the innovative speedzone® system and the 1080 Motion system to evaluate speed, agility and reaction timing. We tailor your tests to the unique demands of your sport, such as throwing, jumping, sprinting and pivoting.

Your trainer provides test results, analysis and recommendations for performance enhancement. Together, you build a training plan that’s right for you.

Return to sport

If you’re recovering from an injury, you want to return to play stronger than ever before. Reaching peak performance post-injury takes the right strength and conditioning training from a team of experts. Henry Ford offers a comprehensive Return to Sport program that helps you get back in the game safely and with less risk of re-injury.

Physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers and other providers work together to help you recover and regain your competitive edge. From surgery through rehabilitation and training, we provide completely coordinated care to ease the transition back to your sport.


GolFit is our program tailored to the unique performance demands and injury risks of golfers. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out with your swing, our experts provide the analysis and coaching you need. Athletic trainers certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) use 3D motion analysis, exercise training and other tools to improve your technique. Learn more about our GolFit program.

Ready to improve your performance?

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